How To Save My Root Rot Desert Rose

Written by Ivy

Dec 16 2021

How To Save My Root Rot Desert Rose
There is a thick rhizome under the desert rose. Many people like to plant it. However, if it is cultivated in the family, bad ventilation and low temperature will lead to rotten roots of the desert rose. If the rotten roots are serious, we can deal with them in time to completely save them. If all the roots are rotten, we have to cut them off from the bottom, Only the intact part of the upper part is preserved. In this way, it can be saved as long as it does not decay continuously.

Repotting and Root-Cutting of Desert Roses

Desert roses need to be decanted immediately after their roots rot. First loosen the soil, separate the plant from the flower pot, and then take it out of it. Remove the old soil from the root and cut off all the rotten roots of the plant with sterilized scissors. Don't hurt the good root in the process of cutting the root, otherwise it will affect its survival.
How To Save My Root Rot Desert Rose
For the desert rose with rotten roots that we have cut, we should first apply carbendazim on the wound to prevent the wound from spreading. When pruning the rotten position, do not keep any rotten position. Then put the desert rose with rotten roots in a well ventilated place where you can see bright light or scattered light. How long will it be dried? Regardless of the time, choose according to your degree of drying. We see that the wound at the bottom of it has completely turned white and dry, and there is no fresh position. It feels stronger when touched by hand, which proves that it is completely dried. Even if the rotten desert rose trunk is thin and weak, as long as the wound is not healed, do not plant it, When it is completely healed, plant it again.

Disinfection Basin of Desert Rose

After pruning the rotten desert rose, we need to deal with the wound, otherwise it is easy to get infected. Plant ash can be applied to the wound surface, or a little carbendazim can be sprayed. After disinfection, prepare to replant, find a flower pot of appropriate size, prepare the pot soil with peat soil and coarse sand, put the plants in, and fill them with pot soil.

Aftercare of Root Rot Desert Rose

How to plant desert roses with rotten roots after they are dried? Granular soil must account for 50 ~ 70% of the soil, and the other 30% or 50% should be nutritious soil. Wet the soil before using it to keep it in a wet state, and then put the wound at the bottom of our desert rose on the soil surface, or appropriately bury it for 1 ~ 2 cm. After burying, we must put the rotten desert rose in a well ventilated environment, Because his wound area is relatively large, it is easy to rot in the soil. If the ventilation is not good, it will definitely rot. In this way, when we see that the basin soil is almost half dry when planting on the tidal soil, we will water the desert roses with rotten roots, and ensure good ventilation when watering.
How To Save My Root Rot Desert Rose
After the pot is put on, we should not water the rotten Desert Roses immediately, so as to prevent the wound from being infected by water. At the same time, good ventilation should be maintained, otherwise bacteria are easy to plant in a humid environment and affect its survival. After the plant recovers its growth, it can be watered moderately and exposed to light.
If the wound is completely healed and the rotten desert rose is planted in this way, in about half a month, the root system of the desert rose can grow to several centimeters long, and the rotten desert rose will gradually recover strong and full. Looking at the recovery of the whole plant, we can give it more light, Then ensure that the basin soil is dry and water it. According to the principle of water permeability, leaves will grow gradually. Seeing that the buds and leaves begin to grow, we can normally apply some fertilizer to him. When we see enough light, the desert rose with rotten roots will recover.
It is not difficult to raise desert roses. The soil must be well configured. As long as the soil has good air permeability, we will not have rotten roots when raising desert roses. It is best to maintain the ambient temperature above 10 degrees and put it in a place with sufficient light, so that it is not easy to have problems. For the rotten desert rose, if we want it to grow roots, we must dry the wound. If it is not easy to plant, it will only end up rotten.
How To Save My Root Rot Desert Rose

Prevention of Desert Rose Root Rot

There are three reasons for the rotten roots of Desert Roses: waterlogging, burning roots with concentrated fertilizer and diseases and insect pests. Prevention should start from these three aspects. Daily watering should control the amount of water to avoid too damp basin soil. If there is ponding, it should be discharged in time. Before fertilization, it shall be fully diluted, and concentrated fertilizer shall not be applied. In addition, pay attention to ventilation and spray drugs to avoid diseases and insects.

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