Dendrobium primulinum care

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Dendrobium primulinum care

When we care for Dendrobium primulinum, coconut shred, coconut bran, dead branches, water moss and other raw materials can be mixed into the culture soil. In the early growth stage, only some water should be sprayed on the leaves, and the substrate should be kept dry and wet after half a month. Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied once around April, and organic fertilizer should be used after the beginning of winter. The following are Dendrobium primulinum caring tips.

 Dendrobium primulinum

1. Matrix care

Dendrobium Primulinum requires extremely high soil requirements. It is not allowed to be cultivated in common soil, but should be mixed with raw materials such as shredded coconut, coconut bran, dead branches and water moss to make culture soil, so as to ensure the growth and development of roots.

2. Watering care

In the early stage of planting Dendrobium Primulinum, little watering is needed. Spray a little water on the leaves, and then water the soil half a month later, depending on how dry or wet the soil is. It is best to keep the soil dry or wet, and water can be watered once a day during the growing season.

3. Fertilizing care

Since most dendrobium primulinum is aero-rooting, Dendrobium primulinum also sprays its leaves with nutrient solution. Potash fertilizer is generally used. After budding, potassium dihydrogen phosphate nutrient solution is sprayed every other week, nitrogen fertilizer is applied around April, and organic fertilizer is applied after the beginning of winter, thus making Dendrobium primulinum healthier.

 Dendrobium primulinum

4. Light care

When we care for Dendrobium primulinum, newly planted, it should be placed in a cool place with weak astigmatism. It can be exposed to light in the morning or late evening in the spring and autumn, and should not be exposed to direct light in the summer. Excessive light can speed up evaporation and burn the leaves.

5. Soil care

The most efficient repot season for Dendrobium primulinum is spring, when the leaves fall and the temperature is optimal for the root system. It does not cause frostbite to the root system. Replacing the plant once or twice a year should not be done too often, which can cause root damage.

 Dendrobium primulinum