This section will talk about how to plant a garden. In this issue, we will talk about the gardening of the vegetable garden. The core part of gardening is how to garden. For planting, we must not only absorb the advantages of traditional planting, but also keep pace with the times to make pleasing gardening products that everyone likes. Healthy products for vegetable gardens are what we pursue. Picking and harvesting is one of the characteristics of the vegetable garden. All of this we must start with planting.


Gardening is for viewing. Containers, balconies, courtyards, fields... all kinds of places are transformed into comfortable gardening spaces. Plants, grasses, trees, and flowers cultivated with love are growing healthily and vigorously according to people's wishes. However, there are some tips for the selection of flower seedlings, the application of water and fertilizer, and daily care. This section mainly covers the things you need to know about garden care, which are summarized one by one as follows.


Gardening refers to the design of cultivation methods for plants such as flowers, vegetables or fruit trees. Generally can be divided into fruit tree gardening, vegetable gardening and ornamental gardening. In this section we mainly introduce garden design. What principles should garden design follow? How to decorate the garden gate in gardening design? How to do the greening of the garden wall? This topic will introduce you to gardening design knowledge for everyone who loves gardening. 


Creating a beautiful and healthy garden requires not only a gardener, but also practical gardening tools. Whether you want to grow edible plants or ornamental plants, your garden needs continuous maintenance. Every gardener needs a basic set of safe and easy-to-use gardening tools to help him complete his garden maintenance work. This section will mainly introduce practical gardening tools for everyone. These tools will make the process of cultivating soil, seeding, and caring for plants and flowers easier.