About Us

Gardening is a human activity used to produce edible food and use plants to beautify the local environmental conditions. From fruit trees in orchards, various shrubs, trees and herbs on boulevards, lawns in private courtyards, flowers, trees and fruits and vegetables, indoor or outdoor potted plants, these are all gardening. RayaGarden mainly introduces gardening planting in five sections, Garden Plants, How to Gardening, Garden Care, Garden Design, Garden Tool, hoping it will be helpful to every gardening enthusiast!

When planting these plants, only one specific type of plant can be grown, or a large number of different types of plants can be mixed together, all of which require the owner's plan and planning. The planting of horticultural crops is labor-intensive and requires care. This site mainly introduces the details of gardening and is divided into five parts for detailed introduction and expansion. Users can learn more deeply and learn about gardening and planting related content and specific details.

Gardening helps to adjust the spiritual life of modern people. The fragrance of the flowers is pleasing to the eyes and emotional. Putting a few potted flowers in the room, or planting some flowers and plants, bonsai in the yard, can enrich and beautify the family environment, increase the interest of life, and eliminate all kinds of bad emotions. Planting flowers to make bonsai is not only a physical exercise, but also a manifestation of culture and artistic accomplishment.

Studies have confirmed that frequent viewing of bonsai and flowers can make impatient people docile, depressed people become cheerful and happy, and depressed people become positive. Some elderly autistic patients have increased the joy of life after working in gardening, and their loneliness and loneliness have also been greatly reduced. In addition, when planting flowers and plants, people can adjust their emotions by feeling and experiencing this elegant entertainment and enjoyment, and bring certain sustenance and comfort to the spirit. This is the great energy that gardening brings to people.