How To Propagate Desert Rose

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How To Propagate Desert Rose
Desert rose is a plant propagated by many people at home. Its flowering performance is very strong. The branches of desert rose raised at home are long, and individual branches are very long. If you want to cut them off, we can trim them and let them grow side branches and bloom again, so as to ensure the fullness of the whole plant type and make desert rose bloom more beautiful at that time. In fact, there are four propagation methods for desert rose. Novices master the propagation skills and master the four desert rose propagation methods. At that time, they can quickly turn into multiple pots and ensure the survival rate of desert rose.

When To Propagate Desert Rose

How To Propagate Desert Rose
Desert Roses usually are planted in spring and summer. There are many methods for its propagation, such as grafting, layering, cutting, etc., but without exception, they are very suitable for spring and summer. Because the climate during this period is very suitable for the growth and development of newly planted plants. If desert rose cutting is to be carried out, it can also be carried out in autumn in addition to spring and summer.

Propagating Desert Rose From Cutting

One feature of propagating desert rose from cutting is that its main branches will not grow, and the trunk of the plant will not become thicker, but will continue to grow tall and bloom normally. Therefore, if you want to cut, you can choose the right time. Its only requirement is that the temperature should not be lower than 15 degrees to ensure normal growth. It likes high temperature, Therefore, it is recommended that the temperature of propagating desert rose from cutting is about 25 degrees, even 30 degrees. Cutting can be carried out as long as the high temperature and ventilation are good.
First, we can find some 1-2-year-old branches, the top branch is the best, and then cut them into several sections, each of which is about 10cm. After cutting, you will find that there will be juice flowing out. Pay attention to that the juice is poisonous. We should wash it off with water and then dry it in the shade. Then you can use the clean river sand as the substrate to insert the branches in it. During cutting, we must pay attention to controlling the amount and times of watering. As long as the substrate is slightly wet, it should be properly shielded from the sun. Generally, it can take root after 3 to 4 weeks.

Propagating Desert Rose From Layering

How To Propagate Desert Rose
The time of propagating desert rose from layering is selected in spring and summer. Its survival rate is very high and the steps are very simple. Usually, we can use this method to reproduce in the growing season of the plant, and the best time is spring and summer.
Let's find a slightly longer mature branch and cut or peel the lower part with a knife. Then wrap it with a layer of wet soil, wrap it with plastic film, and put it in the sunny place to wait for rooting. After rooting, it can be cut off and planted in a flower pot.

Propagating Desert Rose From Grafting

Propagating desert rose from grafting is mostly carried out in spring. It is necessary to avoid the rainy season to avoid rain infection at the grafting site. We can cut a thick branch 7-10CM long as a scion and cut the bottom into a wedge. Select the rootstock for grafting, cut a knife longitudinally at the incision of the rootstock, which is located between the bark and xylem, insert the cuttings into it, and cover it with plastic film after binding.
When we are propagating desert rose from grafting, we must not carry out it in rainy season, and spring is the best, so that we can see it bloom soon. After the grafting, we need to put it in the dark. If the grafting is successful, wait 10 days until the cut recovers, and then put it in a sunny place.

Propagating Desert Rose From Seed

The most reliable propagation method of desert rose is propagating desert rose from seed. First of all, we know that there are many varieties of desert rose. Most of the single petal varieties can self pollinate. Even if the double petal varieties cannot self pollinate, we can also obtain seeds through cross pollination, and one flower can produce dozens or hundreds of seeds, Therefore, the amount of reproduction is very large, so if you want to reproduce, you can buy some seeds, pollinate the seeds yourself, harvest the seeds and sow them.
How To Propagate Desert Rose
Desert rose is actually not easy to bear fruit. It usually needs to be pollinated manually. When its fruit matures, it will crack naturally, so that the seeds are easy to lose. So we must harvest it before it splits. After the seeds are collected, we should plant them as soon as possible. If they need to be stored, they should also be placed in a cool place as far as possible, otherwise the seeds will easily lose their growth ability.
Sowing is relatively simple. We can find a small flowerpot with a diameter of about six centimeters, or use a hole plate, or use a large flowerpot to place the seeds evenly on the soil surface. It is recommended that everyone should have one tree at least two or three centimeters apart, and then cover it with one centimeter of soil. The soil should use nutrient soil with good air permeability or soil with half of the particles, After it is covered, water it directly, and then put the whole flowerpot under the sun. In this way, seedlings will appear in the propagating desert rose from seed in a week at most, and it will be neat in two weeks. Then, ensure that the basin soil is dried for two or three centimeters, water it thoroughly in time, give it more light and ensure ventilation, and desert roses will grow rapidly.

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