How To Water Desert Rose?

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How To Water Desert Rose?
Desert rose has strong drought resistance. It's best to water Desert rose according to the method of no drying, no watering and thorough watering. It can't be too frequent. It can grow well in spring, summer and autumn. It is found that the soil is dry and watered thoroughly in time. After winter, the growth basically stops, and the water needs to be strictly controlled. In addition, it is necessary to provide a warm, well-ventilated and well lit environment at ordinary times, and the strong light in summer can be properly shielded, so as to ensure vigorous growth.

Frequency of watering Desert Roses

How To Water Desert Rose
When we water desert roses, we should pour it around the roots to let the water penetrate slowly. Don't pour it all on the roots to avoid decay. It is necessary to provide relatively sufficient water during the growth period. In summer, water should be poured every 1-2 days. In winter, water should be as little as possible, and attention should be paid not to the low water temperature. Don't water the newly bought desert roses and new pots immediately until they pass the slow seedling period.
Desert rose can withstand drought. In peacetime, it does not need to supply water too frequently. It mainly supplies water according to the method of drying and watering. The soil should not be too wet. When the soil is dry, pour water into the basin soil until the water flows out of the basin bottom, which means that it is fully watered. Before watering each time, it is necessary to judge whether watering is necessary to avoid root rot caused by too much water.

How to Judge Whether Desert Roses Need Watering

Hand touch method: before watering, we can gently pinch the belly of desert roses. They are full without water shortage. If they are short of water, they will become soft. At this time, watering is necessary.
Bamboo stick method: if we are not sure whether to water, we can use a bamboo stick to insert it into the soil and pull it out later. If it is dry, we should water it in time. If it is wet, we don't need to water it in a short time.
How To Water Desert Rose

Can We Spray Desert Rose Leaves

You can spray water on the leaves of desert roses, but it can withstand drought. When the climate is too dry, it is OK to spray a small amount of water, but generally you don't need to spray water. You can wipe it gently with a wet cloth. Wiping the leaves can not only moisturize, but also clean the leaves, so that the leaves can also carry out photosynthesis well.

Watering techniques for Desert Roses

(1). When the desert rose soil is dry, water it. We can observe the soil dryness to water it. When the basin soil is dry, water it once.
(2). We can use a toothpick to probe into the depth of 2 ~ 3cm of the soil. If the toothpick is not wet, it is necessary to water. When watering, it is necessary to water through. We should see the water flowing out of the drainage hole. Don't just water the soil surface, but there should be no ponding, otherwise it is easy to rot the root.
(3). Watering should not be carried out at noon, especially in the high-temperature season in summer. If watering, the evaporation speed is fast, which is easy to scald the plants. It is generally best to water in the morning and evening. When the temperature is high in summer, water once a day and once every 2 ~ 3 days to ensure sufficient fertilizer and water and ensure the blooming and bright flowers.
(4). Spring and autumn is a period of vigorous growth. It is necessary to increase the amount and frequency of watering to keep the basin soil moist. At the same time, there should be no ponding. When watering, it should be dry and wet, dry and thoroughly watered.
(5). In winter, desert roses need to be watered less, and the basin soil should be kept dry. When it is too dry, it needs to be watered properly.
How To Water Desert Rose

What If The Desert Roses Are Watered Too Much

Desert roses are watered too much. We should stop watering immediately, pad up the flowerpot, empty the permeable hole at the bottom of the basin, and put the plants in a cool and ventilated place to evaporate the water in the soil as soon as possible. If the water logging is serious, we will take the desert rose with the soil lump out of the basin and put it in a cool and ventilated place to let the water in the soil lump evaporate quickly.
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