The Best Soil For Desert Rose

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

The Best Soil For Desert Rose
There are many things to pay attention to in growing desert roses, such as watering, lighting, pruning and soil. Today, let's talk about the choice of desert rose soil. The growth of desert roses is inseparable from the soil. Due to its growth habit and drought resistance, the soil should be well-drained. Let's take a look at several soil formulas suitable for breeding desert roses.

Do desert roses like acidic soil or alkaline soil

The Best Soil For Desert Rose
Desert rose likes slightly acidic soil and does not like alkaline soil. Alkaline soil will lead to soil hardening, which may affect the normal respiration of roots and cause decay. In fact, desert roses do not have high requirements for soil quality and have strong adaptability to soil quality. As long as the soil is not too acid and alkali, it can basically adapt to it. In order to promote the healthy growth of desert rose, it should be provided with loose, breathable, well drained and nutritious sandy soil. Peat soil, rotten leaf soil, rice husk ash and river sand can be mixed in the ratio of 3:3:2:2, and then a small amount of rotten bone powder can be added.

River Sand and Sapropel

The soil for planting desert roses can be prepared by using river sand and rotten leaf soil in a certain proportion, and the most suitable proportion is 6:4. The advantage is that river sand can improve the drainage capacity. Rotten leaf soil is not only loose, but also has more nutrients. The two kinds of soil together are conducive to the growth of plants. In order to reduce the breeding time, there are diseases and pests, Rotten leaf soil is exposed to the sun for about 3 hours. This type is the best soil choice for desert rose
The Best Soil For Desert Rose

River Sand and Ceramsite

Desert rose has high porosity to the soil. We also directly use the river sand for breeding. The time, porosity and nutrients are not enough. We can add the same amount of sand washing into the river sand for preparation, so as to meet its growth needs.

Cinder and Perlite

We can also use the soil made of cinder, perlite, peat ash and vermiculite for breeding desert roses. One thing to pay attention to in the preparation of this kind of soil is that cinder should be fully burned, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the roots. These nutrients are very conducive to the growth of Desert Roses.

Garden Soil and Fine Sand

We can also directly use garden soil for planting, but the growth effect is not very good. We can add a small amount of sand and a small amount of organic fertilizer to it, so as to increase the drainage and nutrient content, and the absorption and development of roots are very good. This soil environment is also suitable for the growth of desert roses.
The Best Soil For Desert Rose

Brick Grain and Plant Ash

Brick grain and plant ash are also common soil for breeding desert roses. In the preparation of this soil, the proportion of plant ash does not need to be much. In the process of its growth, it can make the roots fuller and stronger, and the branches are more robust, which is also a common planting soil.

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