How to Feed Desert Rose (Fertilizer Requirements Tips)

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How to Feed Desert Rose (Fertilizer Requirements Tips)
Fertilizer is also essential for Desert Rose's normal growth and flowering, although its root tubers are relatively large and its demand for nutrients is small when propagation. In addition, we often plant desert rose in soil with good air permeability, and even some whole grains have basically no nutrition. Desert rose grows and blooms all the time in warm seasons. We must choose the right Desert Rose Fertilizer.
Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) Fertilizer Requirements
  • When to Fertilize Desert Roses?
Many people conserve desert roses, but they don't know when it's better to fertilize desert roses. Desert Roses don't need much fertilizer. They usually need fertilizer only in the growth period of spring and summer. When changing pots every two years, they can also apply appropriate fertilizer to desert roses, which can make their branches and leaves grow luxuriantly and bloom brightly. Desert roses grow vigorously in spring and summer, so water and fertilizer should be sufficient. Desert Roses prefer phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. This can be the main when applying fertilizer, and some base fertilizer can be added appropriately. After fertilizer application, watering can be carried out once to help plants better absorb nutrients. Fertilizer application should be stopped in winter. During normal maintenance, ensure that it has sufficient light time, the ambient temperature shall not be lower than 10 ℃, water it when the soil surface is dry, and pay attention to the prevention of diseases and pests.
  • How To Fertilize Desert Roses
Desert Rose is characterized by continuous flowering. We choose fertilizer instead of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, because potassium dihydrogen phosphate only contains phosphorus and potassium and does not contain other elements. It needs to grow and bloom at the same time. If you only use potassium dihydrogen phosphate, it will open twice at the last time. In the later stage, it will lack other fertilizers and its root system will not work, When the leaves turn yellow, the stiff seedlings will not grow and the flowers will not bloom in the end. (Read More about Desert Rose: Plant Facts, Care & Porpagation Guide)
Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) Fertilizer Requirements
In view of the characteristics of desert rose, we choose fertilizer with high phosphorus content and no lack of other elements as much as possible, because more phosphorus Desert Rose Fertilizer can bloom, and no lack of other elements can ensure its growth. For example, the frequency of fertilization is 2 ~ 3 times a month, and the concentration should not be too high.
Generally, Desert Rose Fertilizer is 1:1000, In this way, watering the soil can ensure sufficient nutrients, no problems, and continuous growth and flowering. We must not use potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is only used for the first time on the premise that your desert rose has long leaves and does not bloom. Let him bloom at the same time. In the later stage, the content of phosphorus is as high as possible, and other elements are not missing.
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