How To Get Seeds From Desert Rose

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How To Get Seeds From Desert Rose
Usually, large-scale propagation of desert roses can be used for sowing and cultivation, and successful pollination of desert roses can also bear normal results. However, before the seeds of Desert Roses fall, we should pick them in time, because the seed pods of desert roses are very fragile, and even a little breeze will blow them away, so we should be extra careful when collecting desert rose seeds.

How to Get the Seeds of Desert Rose?

How To Get Seeds From Desert Rose
Desert rose is sterile and needs artificial pollination. First of all, we should choose those desert roses that grow healthily and have brilliant flowers for pollination. Artificial pollination will make its success rate of results greater. If you want to ensure that desert roses can bloom normally, you must keep them in an environment with more than 8 hours of light every day. You should also pay attention to the high temperature and excessively strong sunshine in summer afternoons, so you should properly shade them, and you can have as much direct light as possible in other seasons. After successful pollination, desert roses will bear green seed pods, and then the seed pods will slowly turn brown and mature.
After the seed pods are mature, they can be picked and placed in a dry and cool place. Of course, you can also buy fresh desert rose seeds directly from the Internet and gardening stores. We have to wait for the desert rose fruit to crack after ripening, and the seeds are easy to be lost. Therefore, we should bag before ripening, harvest it in time, dry it in the shade and store it. Seeds should not be stored for a long time. Generally, the storage time should not exceed 3 months, otherwise the germination rate will be affected.
The seeds of desert rose will be covered with a layer of brown fluff. As long as the whole seed pod is opened, the seeds inside will be scattered. After the seed pods are picked, do not rush to sow. First put them in a place protected from the wind, dry and with appropriate light, so that the seeds inside will dry naturally.
Because the small seeds in the seed pod of desert rose will scatter as long as they break. Before taking out the seeds, you can bind the whole seed pod with some ropes. After the seeds inside are dried, remove the ropes and take out the seeds. The seeds of desert rose are feathered, a bit like dandelion seeds.
Next, we can prepare Desert Roses for sowing and breeding. Before sowing, we should prepare seedling pots, which can be replaced by smaller plastic pots, with more drainage holes at the bottom.
How To Get Seeds From Desert Rose

Planting Time of Desert Rose Seeds

Desert rose seeds are planted in spring. It is more suitable to sow from April to may, because the temperature is suitable at this time, which is conducive to seed germination. When the temperature rises, it can be planted, and the temperature is above 22 ℃.

Desert Rose Seed Germination

Before planting desert rose seeds, it is necessary to carry out germination, so napkins, water and shallow pots should be prepared. After the seeds are germinated, they should be planted in the flowerpot. The flowerpot and soil should be prepared, and the watering pot and water should also be prepared, which can be used for subsequent sowing work.
We also need to prepare a shallow basin for the seeds, and then lay two layers of napkins in the basin. It doesn't matter if it's thicker, but it can't be too thin. Next, spray the napkin with a water spray pot, and then place the seeds of Desert Roses neatly on the napkin. After the seeds are laid,
Lay two more layers of napkins on the desert rose seeds and spray water with a watering can at the same time. The next step is to wait for the seeds to sprout. Wait patiently. Time will help us finish it. Seeds will sprout in about 3-4 days.

Desert Rose Seed Germination

After waiting for the desert rose seed to sprout, we can take off the napkin on the seed surface, and then carefully place the seed so as not to hurt the seed bud.

Desert rose seed pot soil preparation

More flowerpots can be prepared. One flowerpot can plant 1-2 seeds of desert roses. The planting soil can be mixed with peat soil and sandy soil, but it must be stirred evenly. In addition, after the soil is ready, spray water to keep the soil moist and stir again.
How To Get Seeds From Desert Rose

Desert Rose Soil Pot

When the soil and flowerpot are ready, directly put the soil into the flowerpot. After the soil is installed, shake the flowerpot to make the soil surface flat, and then spray water to moisturize.

Planting Desert Rose Seeds

After the soil is loaded into the flower pot, we can draw a hole in the soil with a wooden stick, then clamp the seeds of desert roses with tweezers, and carefully put the seeds into the hole with the budding end facing up. Don't bury the buds below. Other desert rose seeds are also planted one by one in this way. After all seeds are planted, cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Next, we will wait for the seed buds of desert rose to break through the soil and maintain in the later stage.

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