How Do You Prune Desert Rose?

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How Do You Prune Desert Rose?
The pruning of desert roses is very important. If we don't pay attention to pruning them at ordinary times, it is easy to lose the ornamental value. It is the best time to prune desert roses after flowering. We can choose according to our personal preferences. Proper shaping and pruning can ensure that the plant shape of desert rose is more beautiful and ornamental.

When To Prune Desert Rose

How Do You Prune Desert Rose
Desert rose pruning is mainly carried out during the growth period, specifically between April and October. Timely and correct pruning can promote the germination of more branches and is also conducive to flowering. In addition, pruning should also be done after flowers, which can help restore and help overwintering.

What To Do Before Pruning Desert Rose

The best pruning tool is a sterilized knife blade, because using a blade makes the cut of the branch more flat than using pruning scissors. If the cut is flat, there will be less water left in the cut of the plant, which is conducive to the recovery of the plant. You can't water the plants immediately after pruning, because there are cuts. Watering after pruning is easy to cause infection. We'd better wait until the cut of the plant is dry and scarred before watering.

Desert Rose Prune After Blooming

In natural environment, desert roses can bloom twice a year, once in April and May at the turn of spring and summer, and once in September in autumn. Of course, there are also flowers in summer, mainly depending on how you maintain them. Some people advocate that desert roses bloom for 365 days. That's bullshit. Most flower friends' desert roses can bloom once, and even some flower friends' desert roses can't bloom all the time. Therefore, it is a good time to prune desert roses after each flower. If the excessively long branches are properly reduced and cut, new buds will sprout from below the cutting mouth, and these new buds will bloom when they grow up. But it doesn't mean that you must prune after each flower. If your desert rose branches are not long and the plant type is ideal, you can not prune. Pay attention to fertilization and watering after flower to promote secondary flowering.

Desert Rose Dormancy Pruning

How Do You Prune Desert Rose
If your desert rose is not pruned after the flower, it can be pruned when the leaves fall into dormancy. The pruning method is the same as that after the flower. You only need to cut the sick branches and weak branches, and then shorten the long branches. Due to the climate of different places, the time when Desert Roses enter dormancy is also different. Therefore, whether they enter dormancy or not needs to be judged from the growth state of their own desert roses, rather than being cut by others.

Desert Rose Seedling Pruning

If your desert rose is relatively small, pruning can be carried out at any time. When the branches grow to a height of about 10cm, topping in time to promote branch growth. After being repeated several times, the plant type can become full, and the flowering amount in the later stage can come up. If the branches grow long without branches without topping, it is difficult to blossom.
How Do You Prune Desert Rose

Tips Of Pruning Desert Rose

No matter when pruning desert roses, we should pay attention to the position of the uppermost bud point and select the place where the bud point is outward for pruning, so that the new buds will extend outward. If the bud point is inward, an inner branch will grow, which will have a great impact on the plant type. In addition, after the pruning of the desert rose, it will shed juice from the cut. It is best to use plant wound healing agents to seal in time, and do not allow juice to flow outward. If there is no plant wound healing agent, seal it with wax oil to prevent the outflow of juice and prevent wound infection. We must not let the plants get wet or sprinkle water on the plants within a week after pruning the desert roses, which is very susceptible to infection.

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