How to care for Valerian

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

How to care for Valerian

When we care for Valerian, choose breathable and drainage good silty loam soil deep, add in manure and during growing plants should be placed in the greenhouse of astigmatism, controlling temperature at 20 ℃ ~ 24 ℃ or so. We should often keep the soil moist. In dry climates we can cover a layer of wet grass in the soil. The following are details of Valerian care.


1. Soil care

Valerian has strict requirements on soil, and it is more suitable to grow in the relatively permeable and deep sandy loam with good drainage. It is better to add base fertilizer to prepare the ground before the plants are put into the pot, mainly with the rotted manure solution, and then add water to mix and mix evenly, so as to maintain the uniform distribution of nutrients.

2. Environment care

Appropriate environment is an important condition for Valerian growth. When we care for Valerian, plants should be placed in astigmatism in the greenhouse, and the suitable temperature for growth is about 20℃ ~ 24℃. When the weather is cold, plants should receive more light, and can not be exposed to the sun in summer, but should cover part of the light.

3. Water and moisturize care

During the growth period of Valerian, sufficient moisture should be provided. In humid or rainy weather, the times of spraying water around can be reduced. In dry and dry climates, a layer of wet grass can be covered in the basin soil, so as to reduce water loss of the basin soil.


4. Fertilizing care

Valerian usually needs topdressing twice a year in the growth process. The first time is when the seedling is 5-10cm in height, and a thin urea solution is applied. The second time is carried out at the end of June in summer, mainly using compound fertilizer.

5. Weeding care

It is better to carry out reasonable weeding and loosening treatment during the growth period of Valerian. At this time, weeds covering the basin soil should be removed in time to promote the growth of the root system. When the seedling height is 5 ~ 7cm, loosening treatment should be carried out in combination with weeding, and the depth should not be too deep.