5 tips for Sunset Bells care

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

5 tips for Sunset Bells care

When we care for Sunset Bells, the mixed soil of peat, perlite and leaf rot can be used as the culture soil to ensure that the pH value of the soil is about 6 ~ 6.5. During the growth period, it should be placed in the weak light of the room, and in summer, it should be shaded under the tree, and the temperature should be controlled at about 20℃ ~ 30℃, and the overwintering temperature should be kept at about 13℃ ~ 16℃. The following are tips for Sunset Bells care.

Sunset Bells

1. Environment care

Sunset Bells likes a semi-cloudy environment, and the suitable temperature for growth of sunset bells is 20℃ to 30℃, and the winter overwintering temperature is 13℃ to 16℃. 

2. Basin soil care

Sunset Bells potting soil can be made from a mixture of peat, leaf rot, river sand or perlite, plus some organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer and a pH of 6 to 6.5 for Sunset Bells growth.

When we care for Sunset Bells, Potters can be made of clay or clay, 10 to 15 centimeters in diameter.

3. Lighting care

Sunset Bells is like enough light. If it is in the family maintenance, it is recommended to Sunset Bells bonsai on the windowsill maintenance. In addition, When we care for Sunset Bells in hot summer, we need to apply shading treatment, to avoid sunburn. 

Sunset Bells

4. Watering care

When we care for Sunset Bells, watering must be sufficient, and we often need to keep the basin soil moist, generally as long as the basin soil surface soil is about 1 cm dry. It is necessary to supplement the amount of watering in time, and to water thoroughly.

In addition watering must not have waterlogging, otherwise it is easy to lead to Sunset Bells root rot. Especially in the rainy season to do a good job of drainage measures. By late autumn and early winter, the Sunset Bells begin to dormant, little or no watering.

5. Fertilizing care

When we care for Sunset Bells, we can apply 20% cake fertilizer water every 2 weeks to 3 weeks. Wait until Sunset Bells show bud to blossom during, and we can apply 1% phosphoric acid dihydrogen potassium every week, benefitting Sunset Bells blossom effect. 

During the flowering period, remember not to apply too much fertilizer, fertilization mainly follows the principle of a small number of times, so the foliage fertilizer will not be splashed on the bud, in order to avoid affecting the flowering of the plant. Fertilization should be carried out in the evening during the bud, but also add water, in order to prevent the fertilizer being too thick to damage the root.

Sunset Bells