How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai?

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai?
Because ornamental plants only have the soil in the flower pot to provide nutrients, the size of the flowerpot and the quality of the soil have become one of the keys to whether the plant can grow well. Desert rose is an example. Desert rose whose flowerpot is changed regularly has loose soil and suitable flowerpot to provide it with the necessary for growth, So it will grow better than desert roses that have not repotted.

How To Choose Desert Rose Basin

Desert rose is a plant with high ornamental value, because most nutrients come from the soil, so it is necessary to change pots for plants regularly. How to change pots for desert rose has the lowest impact on plant growth. First, try to choose pots larger than plants. The pots of desert rose should have good drainage to ensure better growth of desert rose in the later stage.

When Do You Repot Desert Rose?

How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai
It is not suitable to repot for desert roses at all times. It is best to do it in spring. At this time, desert roses are in the growth period, have strong vitality and can quickly adapt to the new environment. The survival rate of desert roses will be higher. It is not suitable to change pots in summer, because the temperature is high, it is easy to lead to maladjustment and decay, and the temperature is too low in winter, The vitality of the plant decreased, and it was not suitable for survival.

How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai?

Changing pots for plants is actually changing new soil to make it have better nutrients. Desert rose is a drought resistant plant. Therefore, we need to choose soil with good permeability. When changing pots, we can retain a small part of the old soil to make the plants adapt naturally. Do not completely bare roots. Desert rose cannot be watered immediately after changing pots. We should wait until the plants adapt.
After the desert rose is put in a pot for a period of time, or the desert rose we just bought wants to put it in a pot or change a pot, the first thing to do is to prune its roots. Cut off all the capillary roots. If the main root is too long, cut it short appropriately. Then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Generally, it should be dried for more than five days. Because its root tuber is very large, we put it in a well ventilated place to dry for three or five days. If its wound is not dried, it is easy to cause infection in direct planting. If it is seriously planted for a few days, the root tuber will gradually shrink, leading to the rot of the whole plant.
If we hang it for more than five days and watch the wound of the root system at the bottom of the desert rose dry, or all the capillary roots dry back, we can plant it directly at this time.
How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai

Generally, after pruning and airing the roots of desert roses, they should be planted with wet soil. More than half of the soil shall be granular soil as far as possible. We will generally choose 70% granular soil and 30% nutrient soil for planting. For granular soil, you can use a cinder. You can also use volcanic rock and so on. The particles should not be too large. They should be more than 3mm and less than 6mm. After this configuration, wet the soil to have a slight moisture, and then plant it. Bury the root system in the soil, compact it around, put it in a well ventilated place, and water it in three or five days. If there is no accident after watering, roots will begin to grow in about a week, and then we will gradually increase the light and return to normal watering and maintenance.
After changing the basin and drying the roots of desert roses, generally we must dry them for more than five days, preferably seven days. Then plant it with damp soil. After planting it, water it in three or five days. Watch the leaves recover and the rhizomes become strong. Gradually increase the light and return to normal maintenance. You can't fertilize it within a month after planting. You can gradually add fertilizer to it after a month. Because 30% of the nutritious soil in the basin is nutritious.

Precautions For Desert Rose Repotting

How to Repot Desert Rose Bonsai
We need to pay attention to protecting the integrity of the roots when changing pots for desert roses, so as to avoid the root injury during the pot changing operation and affect the later growth; It is best to change the pot once a year. Too long or too short time will affect the plant, and ensure that the soil of the flower pot is dry enough when changing the pot.
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