How to grow Antirrhinum Majus in spring

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

How to grow Antirrhinum Majus in spring

When breeding Antirrhinum Majus in the spring, place the plants in a sunny position for curing without shading. When the temperature is low, it is heated. Watering should always keep the soil moist and free of water. Apply nitrogen fertilizer every half month, and take good precautions against pests and diseases.

Antirrhinum Majus picture

Antirrhinum Majus

1. Get plenty of light of Antirrhinum Majus in spring

Antirrhinum Majus thrive in the spring.Give plenty of light each day. In peacetime maintenance will be placed in sufficient sunlight, but not in the outdoor long-term exposure. The temperature is controlled at about 10 ~ 25℃. In case of spring cold weather, it is necessary to add light and heat.

2. Water and moisturize of Antirrhinum Majus in spring

A watery environment is an important part of how an Antirrhinum Majus breeds in the spring. Water enough in the spring, and it is best to let the soil in a moist state, but do not cause water. Water thoroughly every time you plant, and spray every 2 days in addition to regular watering.

Antirrhinum Majus

3. Apply fertilizer frequently of Antirrhinum Majus in spring

Antirrhinum Majus is in bloom in the spring. At this time we need to provide adequate fertilizer, it is best to follow the principle of thin fertilizer applied frequently. Do not apply raw or concentrated fertilizer, otherwise it will cause the growth of branches and leaves and affect the appearance. Generally every half a month to apply nitrogen fertilizer, according to the growth of 1 to 2 times of compound fertilizer can be applied.

4. Disease prevention of Antirrhinum Majus in spring

In spring, the climate is warm, and the pests and diseases frequently encountered by Antirrhinum Majus mainly include stem rot, rust and other hazards.In spring it is best often to strengthen air circulation. When the disease occurs, cut off leaves with concentrated destruction, with the corresponding ethyl phosphine aluminum wettable powder or natural pyrethroid spraying prevention.

Antirrhinum Majus