Winter Garden

What can you do to keep your green thumb active when winter arrives and all of the flowers you planted in your garden have hibernated until spring? This section can help you! There are a lot of things you can do to stay active, keep the soil in your garden active, and help lift some of the winter blues. A winter garden is one that is full of tough plants that really liven up your yard all year long. These are the kinds of plants that can even flourish when it is extremely cold and look stunning when covered in snow. the kind of plants that will inspire you to dress warmly and venture outside into your garden in spite of the brisk wind. Vegetables can be sown in the winter as well, if you'd like. When the temperatures drop well below freezing, a wide variety of vegetables can not only survive but also thrive. You'll not only have plants to take care of, but you'll also be able to eat food you've grown yourself during the colder months.