7 tips for Pole butterfly bush care

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

7 tips for Pole butterfly bush care

When we care for Pole butterfly bush (Clerodendrum ugandense), we must first understand its growth habit, like a warm humid environment. This plant has a certain cold tolerance, but not resistant to flooding, so we should pay attention to control when watering the amount of water, in addition to daily lighting, fertilizer etc. The following are tips for Pole butterfly bush care.

Pole butterfly bush

1. Soil care

If we want the pole butterfly bush to thrive, we need to choose the right soil for it, and this is the first step in laying the foundation, and it's very important. Generally, it is best to choose loose and fertile humus soil, which is rich in nutrients, and has good drainage and air permeability, so that the plants can absorb nutrients better.

2. Temperature care

When we care for Pole Butterfly Bush, the ambient temperature is also something we need to pay attention to, because it will only grow better if it grows at a suitable temperature. The suitable growth temperature of Pole Butterfly bush is between 18-25℃, and the temperature should not be too high or too low, otherwise it is not conducive to its growth.

3. Fertilizing care

Pole butterfly bush demand for fertilizer is not high, so when we care for it, we don't need too much use of fertilizers. You just need to fertilize three times a year. The first is that at the time of planting, we are applied into the right amount of soil basal, before flowering, and the results of the application after a can, we can choose on fertilizer NPK combined mix of hefei.

4. Moisture care

Pole Butterfly Bush is a plant that likes to grow in a warm, moist environment, so we need to water it and keep the soil moist so that the plant will grow better. However, we need to pay attention to control the amount of watering. We should not pour too much water, because Pole butterfly bush is not tolerant to waterlogging, and its roots are easy to rot if water is collected.

Pole butterfly bush

5. Light care

Pole butterfly bush is a very bright light plant, but not resistant to strong light. If it is in the spring and autumn season, the light is good, we can place it outdoors and let it light all day, but after entering the summer, because the light is more intense, we still need to pay attention to the shade, so as to avoid glare from burning plants.

6.  Pole butterfly bush care for diseases and insect pests  prevention

When we care for Pole butterfly bush, if we are not careful enough, diseases and insect pests will take advantage of the space. Such problems are very harmful to the plants, so we must deal with them in time after we find them, because a long time will lead to the plants dying directly. Every summer Pole butterfly bush, it is easy to suffer from diseases and insect pests, we need to move it to the astigmatism ventilation maintenance, dealing with weeds around from time to time and decrease plant disease and insect pest damage. If the Pole butterfly bush suffer from diseases and insect pests, it should be timely to disease disease leaf cut off, and then spraying fenitrothion milk, dichlorvos, such as agents, can effectively prevent aphid, red spider plant diseases and insect pests, etc.

7. Pruning care

Pole Butterfly Bush generally produces beautiful flowers in March to April in spring. At this time, it is necessary to cut off the flowers that fail to blossom in time. If there are some parts that cannot blossom and the side branches are too long, they should also be cut off, so as to prevent the Pole Butterfly Bush from growing unnecessarily and increase its ornamental value.

Pole butterfly bush