How to grow and care for Bouvardia Hybrida

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to grow and care for Bouvardia Hybrida

How to grow and care for Bouvardia hybrida? Bouvardia Hybrida needs to be planted and cultivated in a flowerpot with good air permeability, given appropriate illumination and avoiding direct sunlight. It is necessary to water it every day for maintenance. Bouvardia Hybrida usually applies organic fertilizer once a month. Spread it around the pot and water it to make it more absorbent. The following are details of Bouvardia hybrida care.

How to care for Bouvardia Hybrida

1. Select flower pots when growing Bouvardia hybrida

If you want to plant Bouvardia hybrida, flower pots with better air permeability should be generally chosen for cultivation, because if the air permeability of flower pots is not good, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of rotting roots in Bouvardia hybrida. Before cultivation, it is best to expose the flower pots to the sun to kill viruses.Then start planting.

2. Watering care when growing Bouvardia hybrida

Many people want to ask Bouvardia Hybrida how to care for Bouvardia hybrida. It requires a high degree of water and needs to be watered every day. In addition, the soil should be kept moist every time, but should not be overwatered.

How to care for Bouvardia Hybrida

3. Fertilizing care when growing Bouvardia hybrida

Bouvardia Hybrida does not have a high demand for fertilizer, which is usually applied once a month. When we care for Bouvardia, fertilizer should be selected as organic fertilizer. When applying fertilizer, it is usually only needed to apply fertilizer on the edge of the flower pot, and remember not to apply it to the root. After fertilization, it can be watered appropriately to help the fertilizer melt quickly.

4. Light care when growing Bouvardia hybrida

Bouvardia hybrida only needs appropriate light for planting. It does not have a high requirement for light, but generally receives the sunshine in the morning, which is enough to allow it to grow naturally, and cannot be placed under direct sunlight. Too much light will harm its healthy growth.

5. Temperature care for growing Bouvardia hybrida

The flowers of Bouvardia hybrida are very beautiful. It's very adaptable to the environment, but many people don't know how hard it is. Despite its name, Bouvardia hybrida is very susceptible to frostbite in winter, and may even freeze to death.

Bouvardia hybrida is suitable for 22 ~ 28℃. If the temperature is lower than 10℃, then it will enter the dormant period. If it is lower than 5℃, it will make Bouvardia hybrida frostbite, freeze to death, so in winter you need to do warm measures, make Bouvardia hybrida safe in winter.

When the temperature is lower than 15℃, the water can be controlled and fertilizer cultivation can be stopped to keep the soil slightly wet. In the daytime, Bouvardia hybrida can be placed in the sun for careful cultivation. When we care for Bouvardia in the evening, when the temperature drops, the plants need to be moved indoors and the temperature can be controlled at about 10℃.

In fact, in the winter, appropriate topdressing of organic fertilizer and appropriate pruning can be done to cut off the absent branches and leaves, so as to reduce the consumption of nutrients. In addition, it can make Bouvardia Hybridda get better illumination, which is helpful for Bouvardia Hybridda to overwinter.

How to care for Bouvardia Hybrida