How To Save Desert Rose Brown Spots Leaves

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

How To Save Desert Rose Brown Spots Leaves
In our daily life, the desert rose we plant often has brown spots. This situation should be caused by the root rot of the desert rose. If we water the soil too much during planting, it will reduce the oxygen content in the soil, which will lead to the symptom of long spots on the leaves of desert rose. At the same time, this disease is generally called leaf spot disease. This bacterium can hide in the plant for overwintering.
After reaching certain conditions, it will spread through the rain in rainy days. At this time, the bacteria invade the plant roots through stomata and cause damage to desert rose roots. At the same time, when the soil temperature and the surrounding environment are not ventilated, it will create a good growth environment for bacteria and greatly endanger the growth of plants, resulting in desert rose brown spots leaves.
How To Save Desert Rose Brown Spots Leaves

Strong Light Irradiation

Desert rose likes light very much, on the premise that it has adapted to the environment of strong light and has a certain resistance to light. Most of the Desert Roses sold on the market are cultivated in the greenhouse. In order to grow fast and realize them early, they will not be raised slowly in full light, but quick-growing seedlings raised in large water and fertilizer in a certain shading environment. This kind of seedling looks lush and can also spend all over the branches, but the resistance of the plant is very weak. The leaves are green and have poor toughness, so it is not suitable for strong light exposure. In the environment of strong light, desert roses will produce brown spots leaves, which will affect the viewing. In severe cases, the young leaves of desert roses will fall out because of too much light. Only when we take good care and wait for new leaves to grow can we survive in strong light and begin to really play its role.

Leaf Spot Disease

How To Save Desert Rose Brown Spots Leaves
The leaf spot disease of desert rose belongs to bacterial and fungal infection. It is mainly caused by too dark and humid breeding environment and poor ventilation. It usually breaks out collectively in muggy and humid environment, so brown spots leaves desert rose appears. Indoor cultivation of potted plants must strengthen ventilation, keep proper basin soil dry, and place it in a place with bright light and scattered sunlight for maintenance.
Early leaf spot disease can be treated by timely controlling water, strengthening ventilation and spraying fungicides such as chlorothalonil, mancozeb and captan; The more serious leaf spot can only be cut off, sprayed with fungicide or directly irrigated with diluted fungicide once a week for 2-3 weeks. If there is no further development, it can be regarded as successful control.

Seasonal Variation

If plants grow well before, but Desert Roses suddenly start to produce brown spots leaves due to the change of season, this is usually due to the change of temperature difference and humidity. If the difference of light intensity is too large and cold wind attacks, the plants are easy to lose leaves, especially in the dry environment in the north.
In fact, these are normal. We just need to pay attention to the changes of the weather, move the plants indoors in time, pay attention to maintain the ambient temperature and appropriate, and give appropriate light.
How To Save Desert Rose Brown Spots Leaves

Improper Watering Method

If the spots or patches of leaves wrinkle and turn brown, it may be caused by the lack of water in desert roses. Water should be poured at this time. If the spot of desert rose is softened and dark brown, it may be caused by cold water, water splashing on the leaves, sunburn or diseases and insect pests. After watering, dry the blades and pour water suitable for the indoor temperature. If the spots are wet, blistery or dry and concave, this is generally caused by the disease.
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