How to Grow and Care for Crossostephium Chinense

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Grow and Care for Crossostephium Chinense

In curing Crossostephium Chinense, basin-soil of Crossostephium Chinense requires the soil containing humus, loose, fertile and the basin is well drained. Turn the basin soil every two years. Keep the plant's fertilizer nutritionally balanced. Adequate light was given during the growth period, and the temperature was controlled at about 15 ~ 30℃. Overwintering temperatures can not be lower than 0℃, keep the soil wet.

Crossostephium Chinense Picture

Crossostephium Chinense

Crossostephium Chinense Care

Crossostephium Chinense likes warm and is afraid of heat, and its growth temperature is 15-30℃. It is cold resistant and can withstand low temperature of -5℃ in general. crossostephium Chinense likes sufficient sunshine and is shade tolerance. Too strong or too weak light are adverse growth of Crossostephium Chinense. The Crossostephium Chinense likes damp conditions, so high air humidity is beneficial to the growth; The soil moisture of Crossostephium Chinense could be kept high during the whole growing period. Crossostephium Chinense is resistant to flooding and drought. crossostephium chinense like loose sandy soil that contains rich humus with good drainage air permeability, strong water and fertility retention; Soil pH ranges from neutral to slightly acidic, with an optimal pH of 6.5.

Crossostephium Chinense Temperature Care

Crossostephium Chinense is the most picky about temperature requirements. It is highly averse to cold. At the temperature of 15℃ ~ 30℃, it is the best growth period. Below 10℃, it begins to grow slowly. When the temperature drops below 0℃, life begins to end. So you need to control the temperature, and it's best to keep it warm in the middle of the winter.

Crossostephium Chinense Lighting Requirements

Crossostephium Chinense had the greatest need for sunlight. Even in a hot summer there is no need to hide. Just keep plenty of sunshine. A lack of sunlight will lead to branches and leaves, affecting the whole plant ornamental. But it should be noted that young plants avoid exposure to the sun, need to keep out the sun a little, to avoid long exposure.

Crossostephium Chinense Watering

Crossostephium Chinense is drought-tolerant and waterlogged, and prefers dry rather than wet when watered. Water it everyday or every other day in spring and autumn. Every morning and every evening in summer. In winter, it is watered once every 7 ~ 9 days. Spray moisture during the dry season to keep the plant moist and promote growth. In the outdoor maintenance of plants, after the rainy season to remove the soil in a timely manner.

Crossostephium Chinense Soil Care

Crossostephium Chinense should be provided with loose and breathable soil when propagation. Choose a mixture of Garden soil, humus, river sand and cinder soil at 3:4:2:1 to make hibiscus grow better. Also pay attention to two years for a basin, to promote vigorous growth.

Crossostephium Chinense

Crossostephium Chinense Fertilizer

Crossostephium Chinense has developed roots and is good for fertilizer absorption. Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied at the seedling stage. Rapid fertilizer is applied during growth to promote rapid growth. A lot of thin cake fertilizer and other organic fertilizer mature. In September, a phosphorus and potassium based fertilizer was applied twice to improve the plant's cold resistance. Stop fertilization after October.

Crossostephium Chinense Pruning

In order to ensure the beauty and health of Crossostephium Chinense, necessary pruning should be carried out when branches and leaves are too much, which not only increases the ornamental value, but also benefits the growth of plants.

Crossostephium Chinense