How to grow and care for Carthusian Pink

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

How to grow and care for Carthusian Pink

Carthusian Pink is great for growing potted plants or as a landscape plant in a flowerbed, where flowers have a strange, pungent scent when they bloom. It can grow as a biennial or perennial ornamental plant and has been potted in many places. There are different varieties around the world. Now we can buy some carnation potted plants in the flower market or flower shop, which are usually raised in the greenhouse. How to care for Carthusian Pink when we grow it? Let's see some Carthusian Pink caring tips.

Carthusian Pink

Soil care when growing Carthusian Pink

When growing Carthusian Pink, use fertile soil with good drainage and air permeability, which can be a mixture of leaf rot soil, garden soil and river sand. Soil before use can be placed in the sun exposure for about 2 hours for sterilization. The soil can also be mixed with a little bone meal as a base fertilizer.

Light care when growing Carthusian Pink

Carthusian Pink likes a well-lit environment. Therefore, it should be placed in a well-lit place for daily maintenance. When the temperature is suitable, it can be maintained in full sunlight. In summer there should be appropriate shade, avoid the midday sun exposure, in case the leaf was burned.

Carthusian Pink

Temperature care when growing Carthusian Pink

Carthusian Pink is highly adaptable to temperature, so it can be grown in the open air all year round. It can withstand high temperatures of 35℃ in summer and has strong cold resistance in winter, so it does not need to take warm measures. In the south, it can be placed outdoors for maintenance, while in the north, it needs to be moved indoors for maintenance.

Environmental care when growing Carthusian Pink

When we care for Carthusian Pink, keep the environment cool and ventilated, as far as possible to choose some fertile loose, neutral soil for planting, and every day there should be about 4~5 hours of sunlight.

When we care for Carthusian Pink, don't keep the soil wet or stagnant for a long time, otherwise its leaves will easily turn yellow. After the seedlings grow strong, you can water them again after the soil is completely dry. In normal curing, you should keep the surrounding environment ventilated and transparent, which is beneficial to the growth and health of the plant and avoid fungal diseases.

Carthusian Pink