Why Does My Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow

Written by Ivy

Dec 17 2021

Why Does My Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow
Desert rose has strong drought tolerance, is afraid of waterlogging, does not like fertilizer and is not resistant to cold. There are many reasons for the yellowing of desert rose leaves, of which the most important one can be divided into different kinds. Improper selection of breeding environment, frequent fertilization or excessive application, incorrect watering method and poor ventilation conditions are all the factors that will lead to the yellowing of desert rose leaves.

Improper Conditions

Desert rose is a succulent plant with strong drought tolerance. In rainy season, if it is placed in a place with poor ventilation and often rained for maintenance, it will certainly have yellow leaves, and in serious cases, it will cause plant rot and death. We should change the placement position in time. It is suitable to place it on a sunny balcony or windowsill facing south or East, or on a flower rack with good ventilation conditions that can shelter rainwater for maintenance.
Why Does My Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow


Desert rose has strong drought tolerance and does not like water. If it is watered frequently or frequently, it is easy to cause the root system of the plant to rot and the leaves to turn yellow. First of all, we should control the amount of watering, and the watering times should not be too frequent. If we accidentally water improperly, we can use the method of removing the basin to dry the excessive water of the basin soil. Note that the yellow desert roses should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, rather than in the sun!


One of the main reasons for the yellow leaves of desert roses is that they are not watered for a long time, that is, they are short of water. You can pinch his rhizome. Is it soft? The principle of watering desert roses is that the basin soil is dry and watered in time. I don't know when the pot soil is dry. You can pinch its root and soften it a little. It proves that it is short of water. Just water it thoroughly in time. At the beginning, it will not fall leaves, but you don't water it for a long time. The root of yellow desert rose is very soft. At this time, if it can't supply water, the leaves at the bottom will turn yellow and fall off, which is caused by untimely watering.
Why Does My Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow

Little Sunlight

Another case of desert roses that cause yellow leaves is that the plants do not see light. That is, the light is weak, but if this happens, the color of his leaves will be light. And the long leaves are thin, and the leaf spacing will be longer. If this is the case, the desert rose with yellow leaves can be clearly distinguished. If you increase the light appropriately, he can reduce the.

Disease and Pest

In the process of planting desert roses, if attacked by aphids, red spiders and other pests, it will also cause the leaves of desert roses to turn yellow and fall. Then we need to cut off the diseased branches immediately, and then spray some insecticides and wet them several times, which will slowly restore their vitality.

Lack Of Fertilizer

One of the reasons that causes its leaves to fall off is the lack of fertilizer. No matter what plant wants to grow, it must have sufficient fertilizer to supplement it. There is so much soil in the basin itself. There is no nutrient in it. If it cannot get the supply of nutrients, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. Therefore, it must be fertilized. After fertilization, the root system absorbs nutrients, and the situation of yellow desert rose falling leaves will be reduced. Desert Roses should be fertilized twice a month as long as they are in the growing season. Desert rose has very good flowering performance. It can be supplemented with multi-element mixed fertilizer to make it grow and bloom.
Why Does My Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow

Improper Repotting

If you just bought a desert rose, it's the kind with bare roots, or you changed it after you bought it. Because the bare root seedlings of desert rose we just bought or after changing pots will hurt the roots. Before the roots grow new roots, its nutrient supply is insufficient, which will lead to the yellowing and falling off of desert rose leaves. Just on the pot, this process is in the process of growing roots. Defoliation is normal. If you just bought it, you can appropriately add light to the yellow desert rose. Keep good ventilation, let the yellow desert rose grow its roots first, and then it will not shed its leaves.

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