How To Propagate Common Asparagus Fern - Asparagus Fern Care

Written by Maggie

Dec 10 2021

How To Propagate Common Asparagus Fern - Asparagus Fern Care

There are four basic propagation methods of Common asparagus fern. It can be selected as suitable for cutting branches, seeds and leaves after they grow into the shape of a tumor, and then rooting by the soil cut into a cloth bag. Also can take out the seeds in April soak, then spread in the soil covered with soil mulch conservation, a month will take root and sprout. Or you can do plant splitting.

 Common asparagus fern

What tools will I need to propagate my Asparagus Fern?

  • Healthy and mature asparagus fern
  • Sterilized, sharp scissors
  • Spare Pot
  • Fresh soil and water
  • Newspaper or plastic paper

What Methods Can I Use to Propagate My Asparagus Fern?

How To Propagate Asparagus Fern

Propagate Asparagus Fern by cuttings

  • Branch selection and treatment

Select a leafy shoot on the parent plant of Common asparagus, carve a small patch of water moss over it for curing, and then snip it off when the tuberculous nodules develop. Then remove the excess branches on the branches, leaving 2 branches.

  • Cuttage maintenance

The treated branches of Common asparagus were cut directly into moist sand. The sand must be packed in a cloth bag and cut to a depth of about 2cm. The branches were then wrapped in a layer of moist gauze.Place it in a pot and cover it with soil. After a week of curing, the branches will take root.

Propagate Asparagus Fern by seeds

  • Collect and soak seeds

Common asparagus fern could be planted and propagated. The seeds would be collected, washed, dried and stored until April. The seeds of Common asparagus were soaked in water prior to sowing and then dried and dried.

  • Sow and cultivate seedlings

The seeds are directly sown in sandy soil, and then covered with about 5cm of thin soil. Water the seeds and wet the soil thoroughly. The pot was then covered with plastic film, kept at a temperature of 25℃ or so, and a month later the Common asparagus seed took root and grew new buds.

 Common asparagus fern
Asparagus Fern - Most Common House Plant

Propagate Asparagus Fern by Division

  • Plant preparation

As for the propagation of the Common asparagus fern, common asparagus fern could also be divided into smaller plants by selecting a robust 2 to 3 year old plant and then removing it to clear the roots. So as to prevent damage to the roots, the survival rate of the smaller plants would be affected.

  • Planting and maintenance

The successful Common asparagus fern plants were planted directly into loose, breathable, fertile soil, gently compacted the roots, and watered until the soil soggy and stopped watering. After the seedlings do well for the temperature and light, water and fertilizer and other aspects of the maintenance.

 Common asparagus fern

Propagate Asparagus Fern by Tubers

  • Acquisition of asparagus fern tubes
There are two ways to obtain asparagus fern tubers. One is that you can directly buy the back seed of ready-made asparagus fern tubes, and the other is to harvest it yourself.
  • Media for asparagus fern tubers
It is very free to choose the sowing medium of asparagus fern tubers. You can use some sown peat, or you can use garden soil and some honeycomb briquette, all of which are OK. However, I still suggest that when selecting media, try to select some media with good ventilation and drainage, which is the most suitable for the growth of asparagus fern tubers.
How To Propagate Asparagus Fern
  • Planting asparagus fern tubers
When planting asparagus fern tubers, it is not suitable to plant too deep. As long as we evenly sprinkle it on the surface of the medium, and then cover it with a layer, the thickness of the soil can not be too thick, as long as we can't see asparagus fern tubers. Later, in order to moisturize it better, we can find a piece of glass to cover it. If there is no glass, we can cover it with a film. After covering, you can put it in a sunny place and keep the temperature above 18 degrees. As for the germination time of asparagus fern tubers, this is uncertain. Sometimes it will germinate after 2 weeks, but sometimes it can germinate after 3 to 4 weeks, so we must have enough patience to wait.
  • Aftercare of asparagus fern tubers
After the asparagus fern tubers germinate, we can remove the glass or film on them, and then we can maintain them normally. When the asparagus fern tubers seedlings are 3 to 4 cm high, we can transplant them. After transplanting, we must water them reasonably and not too often, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the asparagus fern seedlings. In addition, in order to make it grow faster, we must apply a certain amount of thin fertilizer.

How Fast Does Asparagus Fern Grow?

How To Propagate Asparagus Fern
Asparagus fern grows fast. Generally, it starts to grow vines after two or three years, and can grow to the roof accidentally. If we want aspragus fern to grow fast, we'd better use a larger flowerpot for it. Of course, if you want to raise asparagus fern into a small shape, you can control its growth and give it a small flower pot. When aspragus Fern was young, it was very charming and had high ornamental value. When aspragus fern is relatively large, the Ivy will appear disordered and have no original charm. It can only be raised as an ordinary green plant.

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