How to Repot Asparagus Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How to Repot Asparagus Fern?
Asparagus fern is a common foliage plant. It has elegant plant shape and unique charm, so it is deeply loved by everyone. People who raise some asparagus fern at home know that asparagus fern grows very fast. When Asparagus Fern grows to a certain extent, it is necessary to be repotted. The soil nutrients in the small basin are less, so the nutrients will be lost without changing the basin, and the yellow leaves will not grow. Therefore, we should make regular preparations for Asparagus fern to change the basin.

When To Repot Asparagus Fern?

The best time for Asparagus fern repotting is in spring, because the temperature in spring is good, neither cold nor hot, so it is very conducive to the growth of Asparagus fern. It is also best to change pots in the evening in spring, so as not to destroy the growth of Asparagus fern. It is hot and muggy in summer. After changing the basin, it is easy to rot after damaging the root. In winter, the temperature is low, and it is in a state of no growth. Changing the basin will lead to serious backpumping.
How to Repot Asparagus Fern

If We Need to Stop Watering Before Repotting?

Watering must be stopped two days before changing pots. If watering, the roots and soil of asparagus fern may fall off during changing pots, which may affect the survival rate of plants. After Asparagus fern is poured out, remove the soil without damaging the roots. Some soil can be retained slightly, because the old soil has adapted to the roots of plants, which can better promote its growth.

Asparagus Fern Repotting Soil Configuration

If we change the basin for Asparagus fern, we must configure the soil. Asparagus fern likes sandy soil. We'd better choose nutritious soil and river sand. We can use peat soil and river sand 1:1, or rotten leaf soil and river sand 1:1. Just choose according to your soil situation. To change the basin for Asparagus fern, we should remove all the soil of Asparagus fern, because most of Asparagus fern are mainly fleshy roots, and Asparagus fern does not have too many capillary roots. We just need to wash off the original basin soil with water or soak it directly. Then replace with new soil cultivation. When cultivating asparagus fern, do not press the soil as much as possible. Pour it up at one time by watering to make the soil sink a part, and then fill a part of the soil. In this way, the soil is compacted by watering and the root system is completely combined with the soil.
How to Repot Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern Potting And Root Pruning

After taking off the pots for Asparagus fern, we should trim the root system, trim its rotten roots, old roots and dead roots, and put them in a cool and ventilated place for proper drying after pruning. After drying, we can plant them in the pots. Reasonable pruning can promote better absorption of fertilizer and water in the later stage, which is conducive to growth. Note: do not dispose all the soil mass, and do not plant bare roots.
How to Repot Asparagus Fern

Upper Pot Planting

Asparagus fern is different from other plants. It is best not to plant bare roots. After the plants are treated, they can be planted in pots. We can pad some crushed stones at the bottom of the flowerpot to improve the air permeability and water permeability. Then add the prepared nutrient soil, put asparagus fern into the soil, and fill and compact it.

Aftercare of Asparagus Fern Repotting

How to Repot Asparagus Fern
After Asparagus fern changes pots, shade it well and put it in a cool and ventilated place where a little scattered light can be seen. During this period, good ventilation must be ensured. When the soil surface dries for one or two centimeters, water Asparagus fern directly. When watering, it is best to use rooting solution and multi fungus water. Rooting solution can promote its rapid root growth, Carbendazim can prevent root rot caused by fungi in the soil. In this way, Asparagus fern will quickly grow new roots, watch new leaves and new buds grow, and we can gradually increase light, restore normal watering, fertilization and sun exposure.

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