How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed
Asparagus fern is a beautiful and graceful plant, which is loved by many scholars. Growing Asparagus Ferns at home will add aroma. The branches and leaves of asparagus ferns are evergreen all the year round, and can also beautify the home environment.
The propagation method of asparagus ferns seeds is as follows: as long as we collect the seeds and bud them appropriately, we can plant the seeds in a new pot soil and wait for the asparagus ferns seeds to take root and germinate.

How Do You Grow Asparagus from Seed?

How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed

Collect asparagus ferns seeds

If we want to plant asparagus ferns, we must collect the seeds of asparagus ferns in advance, either directly from outside or from our own asparagus ferns plants. Asparagus ferns ripens in winter. When the fruit has been blackened and fully mature, pick it. Peel the outside flesh. Expose the small asparagus ferns seeds and store them in a dry and ventilated environment.

Asparagus ferns seed germination

Many flower friends don't know how to plant asparagus seeds. In fact, the seeds of asparagus ferns are as small as sesame. They must be accelerated before sowing. Take a sterilized paper towel and put it in the water. Fold a few times slightly to make the paper towel thicker and not easy to tear. Spread the asparagus ferns seeds between two paper towels and clamp them. The distance between the seeds should not be too close. Seal the basin and put it on for 2 ~ 3 days, some will germinate.
How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed

Planting asparagus ferns seeds

We can plant the seeds of asparagus ferns that have sprouted a little in new flower pots and soil. Put the seeds directly on the pot soil, and then directly cover it with a layer of 3cm thick soil, then water the pot soil and put it in a cool environment for maintenance.

Closed environment conservation asparagus ferns

The planted asparagus ferns pots can germinate when placed in a cool environment, but if we want to make asparagus ferns grow faster, we need to cover the flowerpot with a transparent glass. Create a relatively closed environment, control the ambient temperature at about 25 ℃, water every day to maintain the soil humidity, and you can see the asparagus ferns seedlings grow after one month.
How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed

Tips of Asparagus Fern Propagation By Seeds

Planting time

Many people don't know how to plant asparagus fern seeds. In fact, the most basic thing is to know the planting time. The seeds of asparagus fern are picked in winter, so it's best to sow in the spring of the next year. After a long time, the germination rate of asparagus fern seeds will become lower and affect the growth rate. It is best to plant in a sunny day when the temperature has reached more than 20 ℃.
How to Grow Asparagus Fern From Seed

Sandy soil

The pots and soil for planting asparagus fern seeds should also be selected. Try to choose a more breathable pottery pot or a purple sand pot suitable for asparagus fern temperament. The planting soil shall be sandy soil as far as possible, and the soil of asparagus must be permeable. We can mix pastoral soil with rotten leaf soil and sandy soil in the ratio of 3:3:4.
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