Common asparagus fern profile

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Sep 22 2021

Common asparagus fern profile

Common asparagus fern is mainly potted leaves and is an important leaf-cutting material. So the Common asparagus fern is not actually bamboo. It's called that because its leaves are so light and so green all the year long, and its asparagus is so bamboo like, and its asparagus is so graceful and so asparagus. Its leaves are slender and beautiful, dense as feathers, emerald clouds layer upon layer, plant shape elegant, unique charm, deeply loved by people, is a famous indoor flower. The most desirable age of the Common asparagus tree is 1 to 3 years, during which the plants are luxuriant and well-formed. However, even if the small plants only grow for a few months, the number of scattered branches and leaves can form a group of very ideal composition, and the shape is also very beautiful.

Common asparagus fern picture

Common asparagus fern
Asparagus Fern - Most Common House Plant

Morphological characteristics of Common asparagus fern

Common asparagus fern is a climber that can grow up to several meters high. common asparagus fern has a slightly succulent root and slender, soft, tufted stems. Stem branches are extremely numerous, nearly smooth. Leaflike branches are usually tufted every 10~13, setae, slightly tri-ribbed, 4~5 mm long. The scaly leaf base is slightly spiny or inconspicuous. Flowers are usually 1~3 (~4) axillary, white, with short stalks. Tepals ca. is 7 mm in length.Flowering period is from September to October. Berries ca. are 6~7 mm in diameter, purplish black when ripe, with 1~3 seeds. The fruit period is from winter to spring of the following year.

Common asparagus fern growth habit

Common asparagus fern prefers a warm, moist, partially ventilated environment. It can't withstand extreme cold or drought in winter. It can't be watered too much.It is better to cultivate sandy loam rich in humus with loose fecundity and good drainage. It is advisable to keep room temperature between 12-18℃, ventilate and dissipate heat over 20℃, grow at 15 ~ 25℃, and overwinter at 5 °C. Common asparagus fern was born in the mountains and cultivated in the gardens.

Common asparagus fern distribution area

Common asparagus is native to South Africa and is widely cultivated in our country. In Sichuan Yibin Pingshan County, it can be seen in the large bluish stone skin, general crops of the large bluish stone, and relatively dry soil can also be seen.

Common asparagus fern

Common asparagus fern propagation methods

1. Sowing: Seeds ripening from December to April of the following year. Ripe berries are purplish red. When the fruit changes color, the seeds should be collected in time, the seed coat should be removed, the seeds should be dried, and then the seeds should be planted on the substratum of the same amount of river sand and rotten leaf soil, covered with soil (not too thick), poured through water, and kept wet.It can germinate in about a month when the temperature is 20 ~ 30℃. When the seedling height is above 5cm, it can be transplanted into a small pot.

2. Plant division: Generally, the 3-5 year old plants grow more thickly and can be divided and propagated. Plant division is usually carried out in the spring. The tufted stems and roots are divided into 2 ~ 3 clumps with a sharp knife, so that each cluster contains 3 ~ 5 buds, and then the pots are planted separately. The root system should be damaged as little as possible during plant separation. After plant separation, pay attention to moisture and shade.

The main uses of Common asparagus fern

1. Medicinal value: cold, sweet and bitter, non-toxic. The indications are cough, acute bronchitis, amebic dysentery, cough, haemoptysis.

2. Ornamental value: Common asparagus fern is dominated by potted leaves, which is relatively fresh and elegant. The study layout is even more booklike. As well as its slender, beautiful, dense and green leaves, Common asparagus fern served as a perfect foil for cut flowers, bouquets and baskets. Larger dish plants can be placed in windowsill, large basin plants add a set bracket, make its leaf even distribution, and can display in corner places.

Common asparagus fern

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