How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors
We can grow asparagus ferns both indoors or outdoors. Asparagus ferns can tolerate shade, so it can grow well even if planted indoors. Asparagus ferns usually needs shade for outdoor maintenance, because asparagus ferns doesn't like strong light. If the leaves turn yellow, deal with them in time.
If asparagus fern is dry and yellow, cut off the yellow leaves and water it for maintenance. If asparagus ferns turns yellow, it is necessary to remove pots and prune roots. The rotten roots are serious and difficult to save. If it is because asparagus ferns is over watered, we can pay attention to ventilation after pruning. If it is serious, we should take off the pot and prune the roots.
How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

What are Asparagus Ferns?

Asparagus fern is a perennial trailing evergreen herb of Liliaceae. Asparagus ferns has soft, fine, jointed and clumped stems. Leaves and branches are slender, bright green, dense, like feathers. Asparagus ferns have more white flowers on twigs than in summer. There are many horticultural varieties of asparagus ferns, among which the leaves of dense leaf asparagus ferns are dense, the plants are short, the growth is durable and not easy to senescence; Cypress leaves asparagus ferns, whose leaves are dense like cypress branches. Asparagus ferns is native to South Africa. It likes warm, humid and semi cloudy environment. It is afraid of drought and is not resistant to cold. It should be loose, fertile and sandy soil with good drainage and ventilation.
How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

How to Grow Asparagus Fern Outdoors

Asparagus can be grown outdoors, but we should avoid the exposure of asparagus ferns and keep warm. If asparagus ferns grows too long and the vine grows wildly, it can be treated with medicine. This method is relatively simple and effective. When the seedlings of asparagus ferns outdoor grow to 10 cm, dwarf agent can be used to limit the length and height of leaves, and make the stems stronger. At the same time, Paclobutrazol can be sprayed on the leaves. Adult asparagus ferns outdoor can spray chlormequat and control height.
Asparagus ferns outdoors is a vine, and its branches will grow continuously. We can create shapes by traction and fixation, such as tower type, double cluster type, natural type, etc., or tie the branches tightly with lines to make it climb along the outdoor windowsill.
How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

How to Grow Asparagus Fern Indoors

Asparagus ferns indoors likes warm and humid environment. If it is better to control the temperature in autumn and winter, we can control the temperature between 16 ℃ and 25 ℃, which can effectively prevent the plant from entering the dormancy period, which is particularly beneficial to its growth and ensure that the branches and leaves of asparagus ferns indoors can be evergreen all year round. Asparagus ferns indoors like wet soil, but they are not resistant to ponding. Therefore, they pay special attention to the way of watering flowers. If the soil is ponded, it will be too late to regret once rotten roots appear. In addition, the best way for novice maintenance of asparagus ferns indoors is to soak the pot, place the whole pot in a dewatering pot filled with water, and wait for about 20 minutes to remove it, which can not only ensure that the soil is soaked, but also avoid ponding.
How to Grow Asparagus Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

Are Asparagus Ferns the Same as Foxtail Ferns?

There are differences between asparagus ferns and foxtail fern. The stem of foxtail fern is relatively slender and smooth, with longitudinal ridges distributed on the stem and branches. The leaves are generally in clusters of three, the leaf shape is flat or strip, the flowers are racemes, and short anthers are distributed on the stamens. The berries of foxtail fern are bright red after maturity. The stem of asparagus ferns is soft and has many branches. The leafy branches generally grow in clusters of 10-13. The flowers of asparagus ferns have short stems, and the berries are purple black after maturity.
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