How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot?

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot?
The origin of Asparagus fern is in the South and east of Africa. It belongs to the genus Asparagus of asparagus family. Although Asparagus fern is not a kind of bamboo, its leaves are very soft and emerald green all year round. In our bedroom or some tables, we put some Asparagus fern, which looks very good.
So for some flower lovers, while taking care of Asparagus Fern, you may find that the roots of Asparagus fern rot. At this time, people think that asparagus fern may die, so just throw away asparagus fern, but some are unwilling. Then, the Asparagus fern roots ball rot is also caused by many factors, such as excessive watering or frequent fertilization. Generally speaking, Asparagus fern roots ball rot can be saved if we find it in time. The reasons and remedies of Asparagus fern roots ball rot are introduced below. Let's have a look together.
How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot

Causes Of Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot

Excessive Watering

If you pour too much water on asparagus fern, all the water will accumulate in the basin, which will cause the root rot of asparagus fern. Usually reduce the number of watering on asparagus fern. Once the roots ball rot is found, remove the rotten part.

Excessive Fertilization

Proper amount of fertilizer should be applied to Asparagus fern. If Asparagus fern is applied too frequently, the problem of roots ball rot will occur.
How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot

Low Temperature

When the temperature is too low in winter, Asparagus fern will suffer frostbite. At this time, Asparagus fern's roots are easy to rot. the best temperature for raising Asparagus fern is 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. When winter comes, it's best to move Asparagus fern indoors.

Improper Repotting

Since the roots of Asparagus fern grow fast, replace the basin for Asparagus fern in time, and avoid ponding in the basin, resulting in asparagus fern roots ball rot.
How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot

How to Fix Roots Ball Rot

Reduce Watering

When we conserve asparagus fern in our life, we need to be careful not to water it frequently. If we water it too much, it will lead to ponding in its soil. Therefore, if we can't ensure that its flowerpot has strong drainage at this time, we can imagine the root rot, So the solution at this time is: we should not only control the watering amount of Asparagus fern, but also find that once Asparagus fern decays, we need to take out its whole plant from the flower pot in time, cut off the decaying roots of Asparagus fern, and then disinfect and replant it.

Reduce Fertilization

It may be that for some novices in flower cultivation, when taking care of Asparagus fern, they often fertilize Asparagus fern. They think that the more fertilized, the more vigorous Asparagus fern will grow. In fact, excessive fertilization is also one of the phenomena that lead to the root rot of most flowers and plants. Therefore, our solution at this time is to give Asparagus fern, The quantity and weight of fertilization must be reduced as much as possible. At the same time, do not apply fertilizer frequently. At the same time, we can apply diluted nitrogen fertilizer appropriately. Do not add some trivial and irrelevant fertilizers to Asparagus fern.
How to Fix Asparagus Fern Roots Ball Rot

Increase Temperature And Repot in Time

During the planting of asparagus fern, its temperature is relatively low in winter. At this time, asparagus fern is vulnerable to some damage. After being frozen, it is also one of the reasons for asparagus fern roots ball rot. therefore, if our indoor air conditioner is turned on in winter, we should keep its temperature not lower than 5 ℃, The solution is: in winter, we increase the temperature, and then put it indoors for maintenance.
With the continuous growth of asparagus fern's root system, there will be water on the basin bottom after growing up, and its root system can not effectively continue to extend. Therefore, we can change the basin for asparagus fern once every two years, which can not only prevent the occurrence of root rot, but also be more conducive to the prosperous growth of asparagus fern in the future.

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