How to grow Astrophytum asterias

Written by Maggie

Aug 27 2021

How to grow Astrophytum asterias

Astrophytum Asterias are resistant to drought and waterlogging. To grow Astrophytum Asterias, you can grow them with loose, breathable and well-drained soil. During the curing period, the ambient temperature can be stabilized at about 20 degrees, which is conducive to the growth of Astrophytum Asterias. Give Astrophytum Asterias plenty of light and water during growth. Be aware, however, that after Astrophytum Asterias have stopped growing, water and fertilizer should be controlled.

Astrophytum Asterias picture

Astrophytum Asterias

1, Soil for Astrophytum Asterias

Astrophytum Asterias is a perennial succulent plant of the family Cacti, which likes dry environments and has strong drought tolerance. astrophytum asterias are not waterlogged and can be farmed with fertile culture soils that are loose, breathable and well drained. During the curing period, a proper amount of vermiculite or perlite can be spread in the soil, which can enhance the permeability of soil and is conducive to root respiration.

2, Temperature for Astrophytum Asterias

Astrophytum Asterias love temperature and are suitable for growing in a warm, dry and well-ventilated climate. During the curing period, Astrophytum Asterias can grow normally when the temperature is around 20 degrees. Astrophytum Asterias may go into hibernation when winter temperatures fall below 5 degrees and summer temperatures rise above 30 degrees. During the summer and winter, you need to do a good job of cooling or cold protection.

Astrophytum Asterias

3, Light for Astrophytum Asterias

Astrophytum Asterias are light loving and suitable for growing in a sunny environment, where the color of Astrophytum Asterias will be more vivid. Spring and autumn are the growing season for Astrophytum Asterias, which can be maintained outdoors in a well-lit location. The Astrophytum Asterias need to be moved to a cool and ventilated environment during summer when the temperature is high and evaporation is high.

4, Water for Astrophytum Asterias

Astrophytum Asterias are resistant to drought and waterlogging, so windows should be opened frequently during maintenance to keep indoor air circulation and the environment dry. During watering, according to the dry and wet condition of the soil, apply the right amount of watering, to keep the soil moist. After the Astrophytum Asterias enter the dormant period, water control is required to keep the soil dry to avoid accumulation of water, which can damage the roots of Astrophytum Asterias.

Astrophytum Asterias