The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern
Asparagus Fern likes wet and warm environment and we need sandy soil with much humus and high porosity for planting Asparagus Fern. In the process of taking care of asparagus fern, we need to change the soil every two years, in which rotten leaves, peat, etc. can be added. In addition, we also use pots with good air permeability to plant asparagus fern.
The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern

Best Potting Soil For Asparagus Ferns 

Asparagus fern likes warm, humid and semi cloudy places, and has high requirements for soil. We need to plant asparagus fern in soil with much humus and high porosity. Loose sand is the best for asparagus fern. Do not use clay. In the soft and fertile soil with good drainage, asparagus fern can be more robust.
We can try our best to adjust the soil proportion of asparagus fern according to the region. Generally, in areas with high humidity and frequent rain, we can add an appropriate amount of coarse sand to the soil to avoid ponding and plant root rot. In areas with very dry climate, water will evaporate in a short time, so we can add more rotten leaf soil to the aspraagus fern basin.
The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern

Soil Replacement Frequency

The soil of asparagus fern shall not be used for too long and shall be changed every two years. When changing soil, it needs careful configuration. It can be prepared with rotten leaves and peat or fine sand. It can also add some chicken and duck feces in the basin.
The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern

Precautions For Asparagus Fern Caring

In addition to the soft soil, we must also prepare flowerpots with good air permeability for asparagus fern. If the soil is dry or there is more internal water, it will cause rotten roots and yellow leaves to fall off. We should not water asparagus fern too often. When it is dry, we can water it again to keep the soil moist.
The Best Potting Soil for Asparagus Fern
  1. If the asparagus fern soil prepared by us is impermeable or has poor water permeability, you can add some clean small stones at the bottom of the flowerpot, so as to reduce the probability of ponding.
  2. We'd better disinfect the asparagus fern soil before use, especially the used soil. We must disinfect it first, otherwise the bacteria in it will invade the root system of the plant, which will hinder the growth of asapragus fern.

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