Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments
Asparagus fern has beautiful posture, thin and soft branches, clear layers and orderly height. After intentional composition, it is made into a bonsai display balcony or indoor, which is more beautiful and quiet. The most common problem in the growing process of asparagus fern is the yellowing of leaves. Here are the common causes and treatment methods of the yellowing of asparagus fern leaves.

1. Overwatering

Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments
If asparagus fern has yellow leaves, it is basically a problem of water. Due to the lack of experience in asparagus fern growing, many friends do not have a degree in the amount of asparagus fern watering, so it is easy to lay a heavy hand. The water is too much, and the plants can not fully absorb it, so that the accumulated water is always in the basin soil, which will easily make asparagus fern yellow leaves.
The correct watering method is mainly determined according to the state of the soil. We can press the soil with our fingers. If the soil is a little dry, we can water asparagus fern at this time. So what is the degree of watering? Watering generally allows water to flow out of the basin bottom, which is the most appropriate amount. As long as the watering is in place, there are no problems elsewhere.
When the temperature is relatively low in winter, we can bask more in the sun for asparagus fern. On the premise of moderate moisture, proper sunlight will promote plant growth and ensure the tenacity of plants. In addition to autumn and winter, remember to shade asparagus fern in other seasons. (Read more about Asparagus Fern.)

2. Underwatering

When watering is too little, asparagus fern does not absorb water. If the plant is dehydrated for too long, its leaves will turn yellow or even fall off. The yellowing position of asparagus fern leaves is from bottom to top, and the yellowing leaves are mostly withered and dry from the edge of the leaves. Less watering will do great harm to asparagus fern. The leaves are dry and yellow and will fall off when touched by hands. At this time, we should quickly replenish water to asparagus fern. After watering asparagus fern with water, the plants can be placed in a light, ventilated and bright environment, which can reduce the yellow leaves of plants.

3. Low Light

Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments
Asparagus fern turning yellow may also be caused by insufficient light. We can give asparagus fern scattered light every day. If asparagus fern is placed in an environment with insufficient light for a long time, the color of the leaves will become lighter and lighter, gradually turn yellow, and the branches will become longer and thinner. For asparagus fern without light, we need to put it in a place with sufficient light, not directly in the sun. We only need to put it in a place with bright light to slowly restore it to its normal state. If it is spring or winter, we can directly put asparagus fern in the sun.

4. Low Humidity

Healthy asparagus fern carries out photosynthesis through leaves to synthesize carbon dioxide and water into organic matter, so as to promote plant growth. In addition, the roots of asparagus fern will also absorb nutrients in the soil and promote the growth of branches and leaves. Low humidity is the most common cause of indoor plant branches and leaves drying. If we keep the plant in the state of low humidity for a long time, it will lead to soil drying, and the water in plant leaves and branches will slowly disappear after continuous transpiration, which will eventually lead to plant branches and leaves drying.
It is easy to distinguish that low humidity leads to dry branches and leaves of plants. It has not added water to plants for a long time, or the light is too strong, which leads to low humidity. At this time, the edge and tip of asparagus fern's leaves will turn brown and the leaves will become brittle. The branches and leaves wither and fall constantly. As long as we water the permeable plants in time, we can restore our health again.

5. Fertilizer Problems

asparagus fern leaves turn yellow when nutrients are insufficient for a long time. At this time, we should supplement nutrients according to the state of asparagus fern. If asparagus fern is in dormancy, fertilization is not required. If the growth is slow, a small amount of fertilization can be applied, and fertilization should be strengthened during the growth period.
Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments

6. Pests

Asparagus fern's infection with pest causes the leaves to turn yellow, which is relatively rare. If the air is extremely dry and the environment is poorly ventilated, it may infect red spider and cause the plant leaves to turn yellow. We can cut off all the branches and leaves infected with pests, and then timely improve the environment, increase environmental ventilation, increase environmental humidity, and spray the branches and leaves with a large amount of clean water.

7. Suddenly Repotting

The newly bought potted asparagus fern takes some time to adapt to the new environment. When we move them home, we can't change the pots and expose them to the sun at once. We can keep them in a ventilated and shaded place first and see the light slowly after 5 ~ 7 days. Of course, the potted asparagus fern just bought home will certainly have yellow and dry leaves at the bottom in the first two or three weeks. If a few leaves at the bottom turn yellow, don't worry too much. Just cut off all the yellow leaves and wait for the new emerald leaves to grow, and asparagus fern can recover to a healthy state.


1. Can yellow leaves turn back to green?

Due to improper maintenance methods or environmental discomfort, asparagus fern is easy to turn yellow, and it is difficult to return to green again. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of asparagus fern. We should also pay attention to proper watering of asparagus fern plants, neither excessive nor lack of water. Usually we should put the asparagus fern at the astigmatism. In case of strong light, it shall be covered in time to avoid sunburn. Asparagus fern is not cold resistant. In winter, we should put asparagus fern in a warm place. In addition, we should put asparagus fern in a place with good air and no pollution.
Why Is My Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow - 7 Reasons and Treatments

2. Should you cut back yellow leaves?

Once the leaves of asparagus fern turn yellow, it is difficult to turn green again. Therefore, it is best to cut off the yellow leaves and continue to deteriorate, affecting the beauty. Asparagus fern itself is relatively resistant to cutting. When cutting, it should be carried out according to the overall plant shape. Cut off the yellow leaves and dead branches, so as to save nutrients and restore them as soon as possible. If it turns yellow due to infection, all the yellow leaves should be cut off, otherwise it will soon infect the whole asparagus fern.

3. How do you save a dying asparagus fern?

In order to revive asparagus fern, the first thing is to trim the yellow leaves. The second is to enter the maintenance of safety mode. My so-called safe mode is to reduce its moisture to the following level. You can put your hand on the surface of the soil for about five seconds, and then you pick it up. If you feel water vapor, but you can't see water. This state is the most OK. 90% of the people raised asparagus fern to death because of the problem of water, and it was watered up. If this is the case, drain your asparagus fern immediately and place it in a place with scattered light. The simplest is your living room. The living room usually has windows. After the sun shines on the ground, it bounces up. This kind of light is the most comfortable for asparagus fern.
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