Tips for growing lavender indoors

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Tips for growing lavender indoors

Lavender belongs to the class of vanilla. As the whole plant with a fragrant smell, many people like to plant indoors, cultivation of the seeds. But as anyone who has grown other plants should know, it's not easy to grow seeds, and you need to water them properly, get plenty of sunlight, etc., to get them to germinate. Cultivation of lavender seeds is the same, beginners to master its technology, and will let lavender seeds germinate and grow. How to grow lavender indoors?

 growing lavender indoors

Container growing lavender indoors

Container growing lavender indoors is a small perennial shrub, generally can be used for about 10 years. Its variety is extensive and easy to cultivate. It likes sunshine, heat resistance, drought resistance, very cold resistance, poor resistance and salt resistance. The place of cultivation needs sufficient sunshine and good ventilation. Time from sowing to flowering (or harvesting) is 18-20 weeks. Lavender should be grown in medium containers or above.

The seed of growing lavender indoors

The seed of growing lavender indoors is more fine, and bud rate is on the low side, so the soil that general sow uses needs to loose, breathe freely, hold water power tall and want to disinfect adequately just fleeciness soil. Conditional  can use the soil such as mixed soil of vegetation, lime soil, vermiculite, peat, water mosses, perlite, snake sawdust. Perhaps you could buy them in flowers and plants markets to raise flower special soil.

The water of of growing lavender indoors

Warm water soaks lavender seeds with 40 degrees Celsius below the warm water immersion, and water cools after continuing to soak 12~24 hours after growing lavender indoors and more easily germinates.

Sowing method of growing lavender indoors

Sowing method general seeds a little bit bigger (such as lavender, sage, rosemary), and it can be in every container growing lavender indoors according to the area every 3~5 cm. Lavender seed germination depends on the growth of seedlings to retain the stronger seedlings. The seeds are small and can be spread over a large area. You dip some seeds in your hand and sprinkle them gently on the soil. After germination, thin the seedlings. 1~3 seedlings can be kept.

The thickness of the soil

How to grow lavender indoors? The thickness of the soil depends on the size of the seed. Generally 2~3 times of the diameter of the seed. Small seed soil can grow lavender indoors to cover some thin, and lavender seeds covered less than 1 cm of soil. Some seeds are photogenic and can be soil-free.

Wet seeding after a one-time pouring water

You can use a fine watering can when watering. You'd better not use force so as not to wash the seeds of growing lavender indoors away. It is better to use the sitting basin method, which is to take two thirds of the water in a large basin and sit the container into the basin. Water is allowed to seep through the bottom hole of the container. You can also cover the top of the container with plastic wrap after sowing. After that, you can prick a few holes in the wrap for air. If you keep the container in the sun at a temperature of about 20 degrees. Most seeds will germinate after a week.
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