Common asparagus fern caring tips

Written by Maggie

Sep 22 2021

Common asparagus fern caring tips

Common asparagus fern leafy branches are fine and beautiful, dense as feathers, emerald clouds layer upon layer, plant shape is elegant, unique charm, deeply loved by people, is a famous indoor plant. Many people face some problems when growing it, such as its leaves withered or it grows excessively. Here are Common asparagus fern caring tips for you.

Common asparagus fern

Common asparagus fern caring tips for leaves withered

The tender green leaves of Common asparagus are one of its greatest ornamental features. As anyone who has common asparagus fern knows, the Common asparagus leaves can easily turn yellow and wither if it's not properly kept. It's usually caused by lack of water on the plant, dry air, and lack of nutrients on the plant. So what's going to happen to the withered leaves? Here are Common asparagus fern caring tips for leaves withered.

As we know, the Common asparagus fern is a shade tolerant plant. As a general rule, the Common asparagus fern leaves are normally preserved indoors. As a result of insufficient water and fertilizer, it is extremely necessary to know the ten most important items for indoor asparagus farming. So what's the best way to deal with the withered leaves of Common asparagus fern?

1. Trim dead leaves

When we see that the Common asparagus fern bonsai leaves are dying, we need to prune the withered leaves as soon as possible. If the dead leaves are not cut in time, the yellow leaves will absorb water and nutrients from the root, causing a large number of leaves to dry up, and even affecting the whole root.

2. Stay away from appliances

So a lot of Common asparagus fern gardeners who grow their own Common asparagus indoors would put it next to a television set or even an air conditioner, and that a Common reason that Common asparagus fern leaves tend to wither is that they like humid conditions. So as well as the fact that the air conditioned TVS give off heat when they're running, the environment is usually relatively dry, so it's probably better not to put it next to a television set.

3. Spray water

Watering the Common asparagus fern must be done to ensure that the soil is not watered, and that it is watered thoroughly. It's possible to spray the leaves and branches of the Common asparagus fern plant with potted soil, especially during the winter months, to provide a relatively high humidity environment.

4. Reduce light

So even though the Common asparagus fern leaves tend to be kept indoors, some asparagus enthusiasts worry that as it grows in the shade. Too much light will scorch the leaves and cause them to scorch.

Common asparagus fern
Asparagus Fern - Most Common House Plant

Common asparagus fern caring tips for growing excessively

While many Common asparagus fern growers were worried that their Common asparagus would not grow as luxuriantly as other asparagus plants, some Common asparagus fern plants would grow as fast as possible. Although it's a good thing that it grows so much, it's a real headache. What about the Common asparagus fern that grows so much? How should this time solve! Let's see Common asparagus fern caring tips for growing excessively

1. Cut the long branches

So if it's a Common asparagus fern that grows so fast on its own, it can be removed, and as far as the asparagus is not pruned, it's going to keep growing so fast, and we've talked about that so far, as long as we follow that step-by-step process.

2. See more light

So the reason for the rampant growth of the Common asparagus fern was largely due to the fact that light was relatively low and as a result, the plant would grow in vain when it didn't get enough sunlight. So even though it was growing faster, it didn't have enough tissue. As for the palm plants in the south, if they saw less light, they would grow in vain, forming what we call "negative shoots." As for the rampant growth of the Common asparagus fern, it would be relatively easy to see more light.

3. Don't water too much

As was mentioned in the need to water the Common asparagus fern, we couldn't overwater it even when we saw the light. I had this problem with a pot that I reared, and it was pinched out and put in a semi-dark environment. You could move it close to the south window, but it was protected from the glare. As long as we take care of it after it's been pruned, the problem of the rampant growth of Common asparagus will slowly disappear. 

4. Air circulation

Common asparagus fern bonsai can be maintained indoors or on closed balconies throughout the year. Attention should be paid to air flow, poor ventilation or cold, which can easily cause branches and leaves to wither and yellow.

5. Appropriate temperature

Common asparagus fern can be grown year round in 10℃ to 25℃. Winter's minimum temperature of 5℃ above can be a safe winter.

Common asparagus fern

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