Thirteen herbs garden idea

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Thirteen herbs garden idea
Herb is a general term for a class of plants, but it is not a unit in the classification of plant garden ideas. People usually call herbaceous plants grass and woody plants trees, but there are occasional exceptions, such as bamboo, which is a herbaceous plant. But people often think of it as a kind of tree. This article mainly introduces herbs garden idea suitable for indoor planting.
 herb garden ideas

(1) Indoor herbs garden, bamboo glabella.

It is a perennial herb plant suitable for indoor gardening, warm and wet, and can resist cold and low temperatures. It owns wide and thick leaves. Such a plant can grow normally below indoor general daylighting conditions. It originates from Mexico and other places, and now is very popular around the world.

(2) Indoor herbs garden, Taro

Herbaceous perennial, likes wet bear shade. Stem is thick, the leaf is hypertrophy, and four seasons it is evergreen. It is cultivated all over southern China.

(3) Indoor herbs garden, the Queen of Gold.

Herbs are perennial, resistant to shade, moisture and drought, lanceolate leaves with yellow-green spots. It is native to tropical Africa and the Philippines.

(4) Indoor herbs garden, the Silver Emperor.

Herbs are perennial, wet-tolerant, drought-tolerant, shade-tolerant, lanceolate, dark green with silver-grey patches.

(5) Indoor herbs garden, evergreen Of Guangdong.

It prefers warm and wet environments. Its leaves are dark green. It is widely grown in the Guangdong province and other places in China.

(6) Indoor herbs garden, white palm.  

Perennial herbs, flower and leaf plants tend to be wet and shade tolerant, long petiole. Its color of leaf varies from white to green. It is native to tropical America and cultivated in southern China.

(7) Indoor herbs garden, flamingo flower.

It prefers warm and wet environments. It has dark green leaves, red single flower terminal, beautiful leaves. Central and South America both can find such a plant.

(8) Indoor herbs garden, pineapple zebra.

Herbs are perennial, and it loves light, and is drought-tolerant with gray horizontal stripes on green leaves. It has central water-storage, red flowers and  branching stems.

(9) Indoor herbs garden, colorful gilt.

It is a perennial foliage plant, loving warm, wet-tolerant, drought-tolerant with thick bright leaves, green leaves with white stripes in the center. The stems gradually turn red when flowering.

(10) Indoor herbs garden, brindled sword flower.

It is resistant to drought and light with long leaves, dark green leaf surface, back with purple black horizontal stripes and green flower stem. It is widely grown in Guyana, South America.

(11) Indoor herbs garden, toad begonia.

Perennial herb foliage plants, like temperature and humidity, dense leaves, with different patterns. Originally from India, China has been cultivated.

(12) African violet

It's a Indoor herbs garden, view flower leaf plant, with violet characteristics completely different. The plant is short, leaf oval, and the flower has colors such as red, purple, white. It has been cultivated in China.

(13) Indoor herbs garden, Asparagus officinalis l.  

Overhanging plants are partly shade tolerant and partly drought tolerant. Its stem and stem are half tendrils, leaves fleshy oval, silver-white. The central edge is dark green, the back is purple, and the flowers are white. This indoor gardening originated in Mexico and has been introduced to China in recent years.