How to Trim an Asparagus Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How to Trim an Asparagus Fern?
At present, many families like to cultivate some plants. Asparagus fern is loved by many people, and more and more people love to grow it. Because it is dense, rank and scattered, it is very elegant, so many people cultivate it, but after a long time of growth, this plant will blossom, so it is not suitable for indoor viewing, So at this time, you must trim it to make it ornamental. Next, let's take a look at how Asparagus fern trims it for your reference in real life.
How to Trim an Asparagus Fern

How To Trim Asparagus fern?

Pruning of branches and leaves

During the growth process of Asparagus fern, the most important thing is the growth on the main branch, so when pruning, you can properly prune the main branch or shorten it. After pruning, the saphenous buds of Asparagus fern will germinate, which makes Asparagus fern look very lush and shortens the growth height of Asparagus fern to a certain extent. And the branches on the trunk will become stronger and stronger, so the plants growing out are healthier.

All updates and trims

How to Trim an Asparagus Fern
All changes and pruning are due to the fact that asparagus fern is exposed to strong sunlight during its growth, which will make the plant unable to develop and grow. Therefore, we need to prune all at this time. At this time, when pruning, we should pay attention to the location of barbs on asparagus fern branches, and keep the location of barbs evenly, In this way, the branches and leaves of the plant will also appear very uniform during the growth process. And when all the plants are updated, pay attention to watering the plants to sprout new plants. However, watering should be moderate. Do not water too much. If you are responsible, asparagus fern pruning fails because the basin soil is too wet.

Asparagus fern malleable branch pruning

Finally, I'd like to introduce the pruning of Asparagus fern's malleable branches, which are generally weak and slender. At this time, it depends on your aesthetics. If you think these malleable branches and the whole plant look very ugly, you can cut them by roots. If these malleable branches are harmless to the plant itself, you can leave them.
How to Trim an Asparagus Fern

Tips For Trimming

  1. In the process of pruning asparagus fern, we need to do a good job in water and fertilizer management. Generally, we need to permeate Asparagus fern once a week, and pay attention to less or no fertilization.
  2. Asparagus fern should change the pot every year. We need to trim the roots of Asparagus fern and replace the pot soil. In addition, in our daily life, we also need to pay attention to the renewal of stems and branches and remove aging, sick and disabled stems and branches at any time.
  3. When pruning Asparagus fern, we need to cut off the diseased leaves first, and then cut off the old leaves; Then cut off some overlapping branches and leaves.

Key points of Asparagus Fern Aftercare


Asparagus fern is suitable for growing in warm and humid soil rich in rotten branches and well drained soil. Asparagus fern is afraid of smoke and dust. If he encounters toxic gas, his branches and leaves are easy to turn yellow. Therefore, care should be taken to place it in a clean environment during maintenance. Asparagus fern should be fertile soil. If there is no soil change and fertilization for a long time, the nutrient supply is in short supply, and the branches and leaves will turn yellow. At this time, it is necessary to water the rotten thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a week, and water and loosen the soil in time, so that it can turn from yellow to green soon. If the fertilization is too thick or the application of non rotten fertilizer, it is easy to cause "root watering", resulting in dry and falling off of leaves. At this time, it is necessary to pour the basin to remove the fertilizer, wash and pour the soil lump with clean water, and then replace it with new culture soil.


If the potted asparagus fern is watered too much, the soil is too sticky and the drainage is poor, the leaves of asparagus fern will turn brown and fall off, which will affect the life and longevity of asparagus fern. Generally, the basin soil needs to be watered when it is dry. Watering should be reduced in spring and autumn, adhere to no drying and no watering, and control watering in winter. Too much watering and too wet basin soil are easy to cause root rot and yellow leaves to fall off. When watering, it should be noted that the water temperature should be close to the surrounding temperature as much as possible to reduce the stimulation of root system caused by improper water temperature. When the weather is hot and dry, spray the leaves with water.
How to Trim an Asparagus Fern


Although Asparagus fern is not a good fertilizer plant, it cannot lack fertilizer. Potted asparagus fern is limited by basin soil, and nutrients must be supplemented in time to meet its growth requirements. Asparagus fern should be applied thinly and frequently. Do not apply thick fertilizer, otherwise it is easy to cause yellowing of branches and leaves. Nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used in spring and summer. Rotten thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month. When the plant is finalized, fertilization shall be properly controlled to avoid overgrowth and affect the beauty of plant type.


Asparagus fern caring should avoid exposure to the hot sun. In summer and autumn, it should be placed in a shady and ventilated place. During the flowering period, they are afraid of both wind and rain. At this time, pay attention to good ventilation, otherwise the falling flowers will not be strong. When potting, it is suitable to place the potting outdoors in sunny days to receive sunlight, which is conducive to its light and function.

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