How Often to Water Asparagus Fern?

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

How Often to Water Asparagus Fern?
Asparagus fern is light and elegant in shape. It not only has high ornamental value, but also implies elegance and quiet. Therefore, it is mostly placed in the study, living room, desk and so on. Asparagus fern is resistant to semi shade, sun exposure and drought, but he is afraid of waterlogging. When the water is large, it is easy to yellow leaves and rotten roots. When taking care of Asparagus fern, we should also ensure a certain humidity, so that the plant growth will be better. Because of the wrong watering method and do not know how long to water, many flower friends raise Asparagus fern, which often has yellow leaves and rotten roots.
How Often to Water Asparagus Fern
So how and how often should we water Asparagus fern? There is no standard answer to this question. Because of the different environment, the water emission is fast and slow, and the drying speed of basin soil is naturally different. A general rule that watering for a few days is not a good way to raise flowers.
When growing asparagus fern indoors, it is best to water the basin soil when it is dry. As asparagus fern is mostly kept indoors, the drying speed of basin soil is affected by conditions such as ventilation, basin soil materials, season and so on. Therefore, the watering frequency should also be adjusted according to ventilation conditions, water retention of basin soil, seasonal change and so on.

Watering Method And Frequency

In fact, there is no specific water use method for watering asparagus fern. We usually judge when to water according to the climate and their growth. At the same time, there are other factors, such as the size of asparagus fern flower pot, the amount of soil, etc. In general, it can be judged according to the dry and wet of the soil. If the soil is watered when it is not dry, it is easy to cause excessive watering, so the root will be affected. Therefore, when watering Asparagus fern, we should moisten the soil every time when the soil is dry. In addition to the hot summer, it is best to water twice a week, other seasons can be watered at intervals of more than ten days.

Environment and Water

How Often to Water Asparagus Fern
Asparagus fern prefers a cool place. It is placed in a place with smooth air, which is not only beautiful, but also suitable for its growth. Watering properly to keep the flowerpot in a reasonable wet state. Generally, it is OK to wet all the soil on the surface of the flowerpot. If you have leisure and elegance, you can also gently spray some water mist on Asparagus fern. In order to make Asparagus fern grow faster and more lush, an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer can be applied, including rice water and egg residue.
With the supplement of nutrients, the growth of Asparagus fern naturally accelerates. At this time, we should often trim some weak branches and dead branches with weak growth and slow development, and leave the plants with strong growth, so as to make Asparagus fern look more beautiful. In some places, asparagus fern is also planted in bamboo tubes. This method ensures its water permeability and better retention of water. The effect is very good.

Ventilation Conditions

How Often to Water Asparagus Fern
Different home environments, different layouts, different building heights, different positions of doors and windows and other factors will affect the indoor ventilation. Generally, the ventilation conditions of high-rise buildings will be better than those on the ground floor. Even in hot days, the wind is very strong as long as the doors and windows are opened on the high-rise buildings, and even the fan does not need to be turned on. Therefore, in this well ventilated environment, the drying speed of Asparagus fern basin soil is relatively fast. After pouring through the primary water for 2 to 3 days, it can basically evaporate, and the topsoil will be dry. Then it is OK to add a little water without pouring too much, and it can be soaked.
If the indoor ventilation conditions are poor, even if the doors and windows are wide open, there will not be much convection. In this case, it should be noted that the watering frequency of Asparagus fern should not be too frequent, because you can't dry the water. If you keep watering, there will be water all the time, and the roots will be rotten slowly. Therefore, water the basin soil after it is dry. If it is dry or wet, insert a bamboo stick into the basin soil. If the bamboo stick is completely dry, it can be watered. After watering, move it to other well ventilated places to dry it, or simply blow it with a fan to dry the accumulated water.

Basin Soil Material

Generally, the basin soil used by Asparagus fern is mostly the nutrient soil with general distribution, and the water retention will be relatively good. It will not dry completely after watering once for three or four days. In case of a well ventilated environment, there is no problem to replenish water and wet again; However, in case of poor ventilation, Asparagus fern cannot be watered until it is completely dry.
If the proportion of perlite or other materials that can increase the water permeability in some basin soils is higher, most of the water will be drained, there is less ponding in the soil, and the drying speed will be faster. At this time, we will water asparagus fern a little higher. It depends on the drying speed of the basin soil.
How Often to Water Asparagus Fern

Seasonal Variation

The four seasons change, and the light and heat conditions will also make a great difference to the watering of Asparagus fern. It is obvious that in summer and winter, with high temperature, hot weather and rapid evaporation in summer, the physiological activities of plants will be more active and the water demand will increase. At this time, watering should be appropriately increased. Sometimes watering once a day is possible. Insufficient water will affect the growth of Asparagus fern. In winter, due to low temperature, slow evaporation and slow plant growth, the water demand is relatively small. At this time, the watering amount should be controlled and the watering time should be prolonged. Most of the time, watering can be done once a week.
In spring and autumn, the climate is more suitable, and Asparagus fern grows faster. At ordinary times, it is good to ensure that it is dry and watered thoroughly. We should not only look at the needs of the season, but also comprehensively consider environmental factors.

What If Asparagus Fern Watering Too Much?

Pad Jack

When the water accumulation in Asparagus fern basin soil is not very serious, use a stone or other thing to pad the bottom of the flowerpot. Be careful not to block the basin hole of the flowerpot, so as to ventilate up and down, and the basin soil can work faster. In addition, we use bamboo branches, small sticks or disposable chopsticks to poke more holes in the flower pot, which can also accelerate the evaporation of soil moisture in Asparagus fern.

Water Control And Soil Loosening

Asparagus fern watered too much, causing the young leaves to turn pale yellow, and then the old leaves to turn yellow gradually. At this time, it is necessary to stop watering, don't bask in the sun within three days, and suspend fertilization. Often insert soil loosening tools such as small iron bars into the basin, gently stir the basin soil to make the basin soil feel slightly cracked, which plays the role of ventilation and drainage and prevent rotten roots, It can be relieved in 15 to 20 days.

Take Off The Basin And Dry

When Asparagus fern is watered too much and there is water in the basin, the branches and leaves will wither. At this time, Asparagus fern needs to be removed from the basin, and then the root with the land is removed from the basin, placed in a cool and ventilated place to distribute the root soil moisture. After 3-5 days, the growth will be restored, and then put into the basin. In case of continuous cloudy and rainy weather, we can turn the basin upside down to avoid ponding in the outdoor Asparagus fern potting.
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