Coriander Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 10 2020

Coriander Profile

Coriander, also known as ten incense, ten coriander. Ten coriander is very similar to Dutch peppermint. It is a kind of vegetable full of personality. It has a strong fragrance. It has the hemp of nepeta and the coolness of mint. It is green and resistant. It can be used for flower cultivation, fresh vegetable seasoning, and main course. Accessories can also be eaten cold.

Coriander is the spearmint of the mint genus of the Lamiaceae. There is a place called musk coriander, also known as stone coriander (ten coriander). It is said that the Yellow Emperor fought with Chi You, and Chi You was good at witchcraft. When confronted, he often killed people with the poison of miasma, and he could not stop eating and was extremely brave. Huangdi is not capable of the enemy and asks for the Gold to help him. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl awarded the Huangdi Xiancao to strengthen the body, avoid the filth and drive away evil spirits, so as not to fear the poison of the miasma applied by Chiyou; grant the Huangdi the technique of evacuating the armor, using the enemy Chiyou, so as to win the victory and capture and kill Chiyou. Stone coriander, this is a kind of rare vegetable with personality, its mellow fragrance, green and durable, can be used for flower cultivation, fresh vegetable seasoning, main course accessories, or directly served cold.

Coriander Picture


Coriander morphological characteristics

The leaves of coriander are oval, opposite, with serrated leaf margins, four-sided stems, and strong branching ability. The root color is purple. The red-stemmed long oval leaves are the best, the green-stemmed long leaves are second, and the large oval leaves are slightly mint-like ones. Ten coriander is a plant mixed with mint, with a distinct mint fragrance.

The cultivation method of coriander

Coriander likes a little wetness, but not like fertilizer, roots, tenacious vitality, easy to survive, only a bit of loess, a few clear water. From this I thought, if the peony is a fairy in the flower, then the coriander should be called a gentleman in the grass! If this is the case of poverty, the fragrance of sweetness, the case of self-willing loneliness, why not a gentleman?


Effects and food side of coriander
Edible effect

Coiander is warm in nature and pungent in taste, enters the lung meridian and liver meridian, and contains about 1.8{bf} volatile oil. Invigorate the spleen and promote digestion, diuretic and laxative. It has the effect of strengthening the body, refreshing the brain and enlightening the mind.

Food side

Coriander and walnut kernel cold dressing, has the effect of invigorating the spleen, brain and digestion.

Coriander leaves, minced garlic and other ingredients are mashed to make a sauce. It is suitable for mixing various meat and vegetable cold dishes. It is delicious and has a special fragrance.

When making dumplings and buns, adding coriander leaves to the filling can eliminate the fishy food, and the taste is delicious, fat but not greasy.