Seven gardening tips for beginners

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Seven gardening tips for beginners

First of all, beginners had better learn about several gardening tips. You should determine the direction of the window, and pay attention to look out of the window to see whether there is a screen, such as trees, walls, and so on because they will block part of the sunshine. Here are seven gardening tips for beginners.

 gardening tips for beginners

First gardening tips for beginners, facing south

There is plenty of light throughout the day, and almost all plants are suitable for this environment. Beginners should keep it in mind that they ought to keep them a little further away from the window.

Second gardening tips for beginners,what to plant

Cacti, taro, and wood sorrel, begonias, and Germanic dwarf lemon trees that bloom or bear fruit.

Third gardening tips for beginners,east or west

When the amount of daylighting is general, the plant is put in the closer positions from the window.
Recommended planting: Cold water flowers, watercress greens, palm trees, dragon's blood trees, banyan trees and ferns.

Fourth gardening tips for beginners,backlight

When daylighting quantity is very few, choosing a few plants that do not like the sun very much as far as possible,and we can put them on the windowsill directly.
Recommended planting: golden ivy, green velvet, high flowers, evergreen, white crane taro and money tree.

Fifth gardening tips for beginners,try to avoid direct exposure of plants to strong light

When summer ultraviolet rays are intense, if the skin is exposed directly, you will have an apparent burning feeling. For green plants, too, strong rays can cause discomfort. In order to prevent the plant from being basked in, you can block one side gauze shade, or the plant is placed from the window 30 centimeters far away.

Sixth gardening tips for beginners,lighting conditions

If your room doesn't get much light, you'd better plant shady plants. If possible, it's a good choice to move it to a sunny room every other week. 
Suggested planting: money tree and golden pothos, because of its solid texture it is not easy to lose water.
We don't want to lose our beloved plants to carelessness. Plants that are drought-tolerant for a long time, such as succulent and cactus, are a good choice. However, that sometimes too much care can make plants less likely to survive.

Seventh gardening tips for beginners,the right way to water

To water, you should remove the leaves and pour over the bottom of the pot until the water starts to seep out. Beginners can let the plant sit for half an hour, giving it plenty of time to drink, and finally remember to empty the tray of excess water.