Greenovia Dodrentalis profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

Greenovia Dodrentalis profile

The Greenovia Dodrentalis is a general term for a succulent plant of the pteropodidae family, the mountain rose genus (Latin: Greenovia Webb & Berthel), now placed in the Genus Lotus. It has the characteristics of growing period (winter and spring) leaf spreading and resting period (summer) closing.

Greenovia Dodrentalis picture

Greenovia Dodrentalis

Greenovia Dodrentalis morphological characteristics

The greenovia Dodrentalis has alternate fleshy leaves arranged in a rosette and varies widely from 2 cm to 40 cm depending on the species. The leaf color has gray green, blue green or emerald green and so on. The flowering period is from late spring to early summer, racemes, flowers yellow. After the flower, as the seeds mature, the mother plant gradually Withers, but small buds grow at the base.

The Greenovia Dodrentalis is a dormant plant, in which the outer leaves age and wither to avoid harsh light and heat, while the central leaves are tightly wrapped together in a way that resembles a single rose in bud.

Greenovia Dodrentalis distribution

Greenovia Dodrentalis distributed in the canary islands and the nearby gran canaria, tenerife, el hierro, Mr Mela and la palma island at an altitude of 1000-1900 - m north hill fissure in coniferous forest zone, the southern high island of tenerife, at an altitude of 950 m north slope most inaccessible areas, la palma island, el hierro and amraphel meira at an elevation of about 650 m coniferous forest on the north side of the island in the open ground.

Greenovia Dodrentalis

Greenovia Dodrentalis growth environment

The greenovia dodrentalis grow in canyons, mountain rock crevices, and coniferous forests. The dormant period lasts from July to August. During dormancy, peripheral leaves wither, central leaf contraction shows rose shape, summer ventilation, little water, shading 50% can maintain the "soul" state.

Greenovia Dodrentalis likes cool, dry and sunny environments, drought resistance and half shade, afraid of water and hot humid, with high temperature season dormancy, and cold season growth habits. The growing period is from autumn to late spring, which should be provided with sufficient sunlight. If not enough sunlight, the plants will grow in vain, resulting in loose plant shape and thin leaves.

The growing season lasts from mid-September to June of the following year. Moving into the room in winter can grow normally, pay attention to frequent ventilation. After entering the growing season, the original "enchanting" rose shape will quickly unfold within a few weeks, and its shape will be similar to that of other Aeonium varieties.

Greenovia Dodrentalis flower language

Green roses that never fade.

Greenovia Dodrentalis