Allen Profile

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Allen Profile

The succulent plant Allen is a succulent plant of the genus Pinwheel in the Crassulaceae family. The leaves are oblate, plump and round, and the leaves are slightly pointed, generally greenish. Under the condition of sufficient light and large temperature difference, the color of the plant turns pink.

Allen morphological characteristics

Succulents Allen is a spring-autumn type of succulents. Spring and autumn are its growth periods. The growing season should allow it to receive sufficient light. In summer, the high temperature reaches about 35 degrees. It should be properly shaded. You'd better try to avoid long-term rain and exposure. You should keep it in a sunny place indoors, and cultivate the soil as loose as possible with good drainage and good drainage. Allen can be reproduced by leaf cutting or beheading. Leaf cutting is very easy, just like other sedum family.

Allen growth habit and growing environment and distribution

Allen's blisters usually appear in the summer season. When the ambient temperature is relatively high and we pour more water, Alan's blisters are most likely to grow. Allen's blisters are actually the result of bacterial growth. These bacteria do not mean that They were only produced in the summer, and they have always existed in Allen's body, but Allen's own vitality suppressed these bacteria, making them unable to act recklessly, but the temperature in summer is too high, the bacteria's vitality increases, and Allen's own resistance instead, it weakens, so the blisters will appear at this time.
In order to prevent Allen from growing blisters, and to make Allen's leaves fuller and avoid rotten roots, we must wait for the pot soil to dry before we water Allen thoroughly, spring, summer and autumn. You'd better take this principle as the standard. When the temperature drops below 5 degrees in winter, the water should be cut off gradually to prevent Allen from being frostbited. Allen's leaves are very afraid of seeing water, and the leaves are prone to blisters when they see water, so when watering Allen, we can use the soaking method, and each admiration time should not be too long, and it can last for an hour at most.
Allen's demand for light is very large. Even in the hot summer, we don't need to take too much shading to block the sun. The scorching sun in summer can help Allen have the effect of suppressing bacteria. At noon in summer When the light is too strong, we can use a sunscreen to block about 30% of the ultraviolet rays.
In the winter, basking in the sun for Ellen is an important way to make it beautiful. In winter, we have to move Ellen back indoors, but we must choose a sunny place indoors so that Ellen can paint faster.
If you want to make Allen's leaves more matte color and faster lignification of the poles, you should maintain Allen in the open air as much as possible, especially in the spring and autumn. The outdoor temperature is suitable for Allen's growth, with good ventilation conditions and a relatively large temperature difference. Coloring is easy, and the wind and sun can easily lignify Allen's poles into old piles.

Allen cultivation

1. Watering to keep moisture

When watering Allen, you must control the watering nodes, once every half a month in summer, usually once a week, and you must water thoroughly every time you water. You can't water every day. You should avoid excessive water.

2. Sufficient sun exposure

Succulent Allen maintains sufficient sunlight (exceeding 30°C outside in summer is not acceptable), you'd better avoid sun exposure, which may cause excessive growth, and move the exposure position appropriately. Adequate light can make Allen more meat powder.

3. Temperature control

When the high temperature reaches about 35 degrees in summer, Alan should be properly shaded. The owner should try to avoid prolonged rain and exposure, and keep it in a sunny place indoors in winter. 

4. Spring maintenance

Spring and autumn are the growing seasons. You can water more, but the water should not be too large. Florists should not dry or water, but water thoroughly. As for how often to water, it needs to be judged according to weather conditions. Generally speaking, if the weather is hot, you can pour more, but if it is overcast and rainy, pour less or not.

5. Winter maintenance

The temperature in winter is low. If the temperature is below 5 degrees, the water will be cut off slowly, and the water will be kept indoors. You ought to choose noon for water supply. If the humidity is high, you can choose not to supply water.

Precautions for Allen planting

First of all, sunlight is vital. You must maintain a sufficient sun environment for the plants, but remember that the temperature should not be too high. At the same time, the plants also like to ventilate very much. You should pay attention to the winter temperature not to be lower than 5℃. Secondly, everyone controls the moisture extremely. Everyone must control the watering nodes. It is recommended to water every half a month in summer, and watering it once a week in normal times. It must be watered thoroughly every time, and you should not water it every day. As for how long it takes to water it, everyone needs to make a judgment based on the weather.