Large vegetable garden plans

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Large vegetable garden plans
One of the most important issues in the design of a large vegetable garden is careful planning. You have to remember to change the varieties you plant frequently, because many species need to change places. This passage is mainly referring to large vegetable garden plans.

Add nitrogen to the soil

Plants such as green beans and peas need to add nitrogen to the soil. If you use heavy fertilizers, you should avoid growing corn, peppers or tomatoes in the same place two or three times in succession. Changing the place of your vegetable plants can enrich the soil.

The problem of plants in large vegetable garden space

When designing, a well-developed peak season garden should be considered, which is also a good large vegetable garden plan. For example, tomato plants are quite thin in early June, but in August, they will have a lot of leaves and take up more space.
High-density plants such as corn, tomatoes, and broccoli can cast shadows on lower plants, such as lettuce, carrots, and pumpkins. In some cases, the shading is very positive and protects the plant from heat, while in other cases, it hinders the normal growth of the plant.

Don't group many plants

Because pests will destroy them. Another aspect is to use the surface of the plot in the best possible way. Some people plant to leave plenty of room for weeding. Although this seems very organized, it is not the best use case if you want to increase the gain.

Reasonable use of space in large vegetable gardens

It is more practical to enter the space from one side of the vegetable bed instead of four sides. In this way, the center of the vegetable bed for picking and sorting can still be reached, but the rest of the land will be used for planting, as an additional advantage, which will reduce weeds.

Find the seeds of the most successful large vegetable gardens

If you really think about this idea, you can even track the most successful seeds. It's about maximizing the area of land you own and controlling weeds and pests. A well-designed vegetable garden is not only about plants, but also weeding, watering, harvesting and working in the garden.
Large vegetable garden plans

Path to build a large vegetable garden

Spring needs more time, but autumn harvest may be more abundant. Garden paths are important for the maintenance of the vegetable garden, and at the same time they increase the visual appeal of the garden.
In summary, the leading ideas of large-scale large vegetable garden gardening design should be based on the principles of simplicity, generosity, convenience, and beautification of the courtyard, so that the vegetable garden and the courtyard can be integrated and supplemented with each other, which can create a landscape culture on the basis of satisfying ecological functions and enable you to produce an artistic conception.