What to plant in a small garden

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

What to plant in a small garden
In spring, no matter which group of flower friends is to enjoy the flowers on the screen. If there is a small garden, what to plant in a small garden? It is very simple to bloom flowers in spring, but if you want to have flowers in all seasons, then It's time to plan well. This article mainly recommends several kinds of flowers for you, which can make your garden have flowers to enjoy all year round.

1. Tulips

Everyone knows that tulips are large in the park in early spring and they are very beautiful. Tulips are autumn bulb flowers. They are planted in autumn and bloom in early spring. Tulips bloom earlier, which can be said to be a beautiful landscape in your small garden.
If you have a garden or a flowerbed, it is recommended that you plant some tulip bulbs in the fall, so that there will be flowers. The unit price of tulips is not high. If you plant them in pieces, the cost is still quite high. In fact, you might as well pick up some tulips and plant them when you dig the tulip balls in the park. It is a pity.
Although the second-generation tulips bloom smaller, they can bloom more neatly. You'd better not pilling after blooming, apply more fertilizer, and stay in the soil to spend the summer while planting in a small garden, so that the tulips will not degenerate very badly and can bloom once every other year.

2. Chinese rose

After the tulip is over, the rose is basically on the scene. The rose blooms best in spring and autumn. It can also bloom in summer, but the temperature is too high and the quality of the flowers is relatively average when growing in a small garden.
Rose flowers are well cultivated, and the focus is on the prevention of pests and diseases. You can use Zinc with Pacacloprid once a week. Always paying attention to maintain good ventilation and sufficient light is very vital if you grow in a small garden.

3. Peony

Peony is also a major protagonist in the spring, and the peony is very easy to raise in a small garden. When planted in the ground, you can grow very well if you pay attention not to accumulate water. If you can fertilize regularly, you can grow a lot of buds. The head has a lot of flowers and the effect is very shocking.

4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is also a major protagonist in spring and summer, especially endless summer hydrangea, which can bloom both new and old branches if grown in a small garden It can bloom from spring to autumn, which is really endless summer. Hydrangea flowers are blooming in clusters, and the diameter of a flower head of a large hydrangea can be as large as 20cm, which is very shocking.
When planting a row of flowers in the garden flower bed, it is so beautiful. Hydrangea farming is very simple. What you need to pay attention to is not to lack water. Hydrangea is a pumping machine. It requires a lot of water. When it is short of water, it will wilt. At noon when the temperature is high, you should also shade and spray to cool down. Hydrangea is not resistant to sunlight, so be careful to avoid exposure to sunlight.

5. Blue Snowflake

In the hot summer, Blue Snowflake is a cool breed, with a little fresh feeling of literary fan. The cultivation of blue snowflakes is very simple, because it is not afraid of the sun, and can be exposed to full sun in summer, and the pots are still open. 
Blue Snow has a lot of flowers, and you should pay attention to adding phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Sufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can make the flowers of Blue Snow more blue.
 What to plant in a small garden
When pruning the remaining blue snowflake flowers, you'd better be careful not to cut back the branches, just cut the remaining flowers, otherwise you will find that the blue snowflake will not re-flower for a long time.

6. Hibiscus

Compared with blue snowflakes, hibiscus flowers are more lively. Hibiscus flowers are very heat-resistant, and they also like summer. In summer, they can maintain sufficient fertilizer and water to keep the flowers blooming until late autumn. If the temperature can be kept above 10 degrees in winter, hibiscus can also bloom in winter, which is a variety that blooms in all seasons.
When cultivating hibiscus flowers, you should pay attention to giving enough light and fertilizer, because hibiscus flowers grow quickly and bloom more, which requires a lot of fertilizer and water. Hibiscus naturally has few branches. If you want a plump plant, you should pay attention to topping. The topping can be done when the new shoots grow about 6cm to promote the production of side branches and achieve plump plant types.

7. Sunflower

Speaking of what to grow in your small garden in summer, how can we miss the sunflowers?
There are many varieties of sunflowers with different flowers and colors, but the blue demon's favorite is the perennial double-petaled sunflower, which many florists personally think is much more beautiful than the seed sown. Sunflowers like sunlight most, and they bloom very lively in the sun in summer. Moreover, sunflowers are very drought-tolerant, so they can lighten our burden by watering them in summer.
If you have a small garden, what flowers would you like to plant in your small garden?