Five kinds of flowers gardening for beginners

Written by Joy

Dec 11 2020

Five kinds of flowers gardening for beginners

A lot of people like flowers gardening, but have been afraid to grow flowers, because flowers gardening for beginners are really difficult to maintain,easy to die, which is also a very annoying thing. Well, what kind of flowers gardening for beginners are good to keep and good to look after?

flower gardening for beginners

1, Tiger plum

If you ask what kind of flowers gardening for beginners is good to feed and beautiful, the first thing we recommend is Tiger plum. The friends who understand Tiger plum know that the cuttage of Tiger plum is very easy to survive, especially in the spring cutting survival rate is the highest. And Tiger plum can withstand high temperature, moisture and drought, as long as it is placed in a sunny place. In a word, Tiger plum is a kind of lazy flower, and very suitable for people afraid of trouble to grow.

2. Marigold

Marigold is also a kind of suitable flower gardening for beginners, and it can resist cold, drought, and the requirements of the soil is not high, as long as the regular loosening of the soil, watering can maintain its healthy growth. Marigold is best planted in spring, its flowers are very beautiful, and the most important thing is that it has a long blooming period, which can guarantee 7-9 months of not fading. Such beautiful and easy to grow flowers are perfect for beginners!

3. Longevity flowers

When asked this question, what kind of flowers gardening for beginners are good to feed and good to look at, it is difficult to find flowers better than Longevity flowers to feed , and it can be said to be no requirements for the soil, even if the roadside dug soil can be raised. And watering is also flexible, even if you water it every day, it still won't die. If beginners water the flowers only once a week, it can also live. Proper sunshine will better adapt its growth, only if the sunshine is not too much. In summer, the flowers won't die, and in winter as long as it is not thrown into the snow also won't freeze to death. The key is longevity flowers really super good-looking, and have you enchanted?

4. Hyacinth

In fact, hyacinth is also super easy flowers gardening for beginners to raise, if you do not have requirements for complex flowers, then hyacinth is absolutely the best choice for you.In the process of breeding hyacinth only need to water, you do not need any fertilization care and other chores, flowering or super beautiful. The actual planting process is very easy to enhance.


5, Chinese rose

Chinese rose is absolutely what kind of flowers gardening for beginners is good to feed and good-looking in want to recommend a kind of flower, Chinese rose has very strong vitality this should be a lot of people know, if raise Chinese rose, even if die also difficult, the worst result is to grow very ugly not to blossom, once raised good blossom absolutely super beautiful.