Common plant diseases of Antirrhinum majus and control methods

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

Common plant diseases of Antirrhinum majus and control methods

Seedling rot is an Antirrhinum Majus disease that occurs during the seedling stage. The water amount should be controlled during the culture process and sprayed with 70% pentachloronitrobenzene powder. If the plant suffers from leaf blight, spray the spot with 65% dZ wettable powder.2 weeks before sowing, the solution of carbendazim can be used for disinfection, and the plastic film can be covered at the same time. After 5 days, the plastic film can be removed and then sown to prevent the occurrence of epidemics.

Antirrhinum Majus picture

Antirrhinum Majus

1. Seedling rot of Antirrhinum Majus

What are the common diseases and prevention methods of Antirrhinum Majus in our daily life? During the seedling stage of Antirrhinum Majus, plants are prone to seedling rot, which occurs after germination of seeds until true leaves appear. Therefore, at the seedling stage of Antirrhinum Majus, the soil should not be too wet and the seedling spacing should be controlled. At the same time, 70% pentachloronitrobenzene powder should be used to spray the soil for disinfection treatment.

2. Leaf blight of Antirrhinum Majus

Leaf blight is also a common disease of the Antirrhinum Majus. It occurs mainly in the leaves and stems of the plant. In the early stages of the disease, the leaves will appear as tiny spots. In the later stage, the leaves will shrivel and gradually die. At this point, 65% of zinc wettable powder can be diluted 600 times spray treatment.

Antirrhinum Majus

3, The disease of Antirrhinum Majus

The disease mainly affects the roots and stems of Antirrhinum Majus. In the early stages of the disease, the root system is a light brown color, and if not treated promptly, the root system will gradually rot. It should be disinfected with carbendazim solution 2 weeks before planting, and then covered with plastic film. After 5 days, the film can be removed, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of epidemic diseases.

4, rust fo Antirrhinum Majus

In the early stages of rust in Antirrhinum Majus, the leaves began to develop yellowish-green spots, while the leaves gradually became scorched.Good ventilation should be maintained during the breeding process. During the onset of the disease you can use 5% powder rust rather than wet powder diluted with water 200 times for spraying, and can effectively treat rust.

Antirrhinum Majus