Suggestions of planting for beginners  

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Suggestions of planting for beginners  
Nowadays, planting for beginners are becoming more and more popular among flower lovers. Among such a geart number of planting for beginners, succulence attracts a large number of flower lovers with its special appearance. When it comes to succulent farming, beginners still need to pay attention to a lot of details. This article mainly for the maintenance and planting of succulent for explanation and introduction for beginners.
 planting for beginners

About flowerpot

In the process of planting Succulents for beginners, people's love about flowerpot is also increasing day by day, the choice of flowerpot is all sorts of, such as porcelain basin, pottery basi and coarse pottery. If beginners plant for a long time, they will discover that the original flowerpot is different, while management is not the same. Porcelain basin keeps the water tight.


When planting succulents for beginners, watering frequency should be cut down; Pottery basin does not hold water, watering frequency will be high; Although plastic basin is not beautiful, it can save space. Because in the home flowerpot variety is various, the management also cannot be lazy. Beginners should water every time, see first regularly and undertake again.

About watering

Beginners can arrange their locations according to their climate and habits to plant. In addition to the balcony, they also can choose half sunshine and shelter from rain eaves, only if more than 30 degrees (especially at night temperature more than 28 degrees) for two months (late June to late August), part of the more delicate varieties will be moved to these eaves, and some varieties of strong tolerance will continue in the second floor full sunshine. For two months, watering the succulents was a challenge. Too much water is likely to black rot or melt water; If not watered for a long time, it may dry out. The succulent plants usually need half sunlight for two months, and beginners should water them every 7-15 days with a small amount of water along the side of the pot after sunset. Winter is also a more troublesome problem, the probability of continuous rain and snow is very large. Beginners will take all the open meat to the sun room to dry clothes, open the doors and windows 24 hours; The meat of the second floor balcony need not move basically because there is enough sunshine, also it won't get wet, even if it is minus 5 degrees, beginners also let them spend there. The main cause of frostbite of low-temperature succulent plants is too much water in the medium and leaves, so beginners should pay attention to winter watering.
From the end of December to the end of February, when it is the coldest, you need to give meat lots of sunshine. The low temperature and strong sunshine will make the meat color and shape more beautiful quickly. During the two months, beginners can water the pot once every 7 to 15 days, with a small amount of water along the side of the pot in the morning on sunny days. In addition to the above mentioned two months of summer and winter, other seasons are dry and thoroughly watered, enough sunshine is good. Beginners planting Succulents can simply remember a sentence,  Less sunshine and water in summer,  more sunshine and less water  in other seasons.