Notes of hydroponics for beginners

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Notes of hydroponics for beginners
It is also a simple and popular way to learn hydroponics for beginners. It is not only simple but also can make the surrounding environment more beautiful. It is suitable to be placed in any place indoors, such as a tea table, desk, cabinet and so on. So what do you need to pay attention to in the daily maintenance of waterborne flowers? Does it need fertilizer? Is hydroponic plants suitable for beginners?
hydroponics for beginners 

First, maintenance tips of hydroponic flowers

1. Selection of placement of hydroponic plants for beginners

According to the life habit of flowers and plants the right choice puts a position, such as, evergreen avoids insolation like shade, so can place it in a half shade place; An octagonal gold plate burns easily in summer, so it's best kept in a bright room. Lotus likes light, and wants to place them in the area with sufficient sunlight.

2. Water changing skills of hydroponic plants for beginners

Water is the most important part of growing flowers, so it's important to change water regularly.
Cuttings before rooting hydroponic plants: beginners should spend a day to keep the oxygen content in the water, and promote rooting.
After the water culture flowers take root: you’d better change the water regularly, usually about 10-15 change the water once. Summer temperature is relatively high, plant demand for water is relatively large, so change the water once a week.

3. Pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases of hydroponic plants for beginners

You should pay attention to insect pests and keep your hydroponic plants warm. If you find that branches and leaves turn yellow or leaf withered and withered, you should pay attention to whether there are diseases and insect pests, and promptly remove withered and withered leaves. At the same time, when winter comes, you should pay attention to warm work to prevent frostbite.

Second, fertilization management of irrigated flowers of hydroponic plants for beginners

Although the water contains all kinds of minerals and trace elements, it is not enough to meet the growth of plants, so we need to fertilize water plants regularly. The fertilizer selected here is a nutrient solution with many nutrient elements, which is rich in all kinds of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium trace elements needed by flowers.
Different flowers apply different amounts of fertilizer and the rules are also different. Generally, hydroponic plants for beginners with thin roots have poor fattening resistance. Therefore, the nutrient solution which is added should be less soluble and not too much at one time. The demand for nitrogen fertilizer is relatively high for flowers and leaves.