Several styles about large garden design ideas

Written by Joy

Sep 24 2020

Several styles about large garden design ideas
Large courtyard garden style design is a big direction, the size of the garden, the style of the villa building, will both have an impact on it. It is generally determined according to the preferences of the owner. The styles of courtyard gardens can be simply divided into two categories: regular style and natural style. These styles basically include the mainstream culture of today's society, and are a summary and embodiment of the aesthetic embodiment of the consciousness of Chinese people at this stage. Here are several styles about large garden design ideas.

Chinese large garden design

Chinese traditional courtyard garden planning is deeply influenced by traditional philosophy and painting, and there is even the theory that painting is the mother of gardening. The most reference is the private gardens of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a reasonable combination of architecture, landscape, flowers and trees. The stacking of stones, water management, and plant configuration are all poetic and picturesque. Although they are made by humans, they are in a natural state.
Essential elements: rockery, running water, and bamboo. 

French large garden design

French gardens were influenced by the Italian art of regular terraced gardening, and terraced garden layouts. However, France is flat, and the scale of the garden layout is more magnificent and magnificent. It uses a calm pond and a lot of flowers. On the edge of the modeling tree, it is bordered by seasonal flowers to become an embroidered painting altar, and a large area of lawn is planted with shrubs. Flowers and plants are inlaid and combined into various texture patterns.
Essential elements: pools, fountains, steps, statues.

English large garden design

The design concept of the French garden emphasizes the natural integration of the garden's exterior scenery, and the garden is arranged like a part of nature. Called a natural landscape garden, whether it is a tortuous and changeable road or an endlessly changing pool bank, a natural pictorial garden is needed.
Essential elements: sundial, pergola, chair.

Japanese large garden design

Japanese courtyard gardens are concise and detailed. Japanese courtyard gardens are deeply influenced by Chinese culture. The handling of details is the most exciting place in Japanese courtyard gardens. The freehand landscaping has been developed to the extreme, with stone lamps and stone water bowls, and small trees with changeable attitudes have become indispensable pieces in Japanese gardens. Japanese landscape gardens are unique dry landscapes.
Essential elements: gravel, residual wood, moss.
Several styles about large garden design ideas

American courtyard large garden design

The energetic personality of Americans has a profound influence on gardens. Their understanding of nature is free and lively. The current natural landscape will be part of their landscape design expression.
Essential elements: lawn, shrubs, flowers.

German courtyard large garden design

German landscape design is full of rationalism and respects the ecological environment. Landscape design grasps planning from a macro perspective, and designs according to various needs and functions with rational analysis and logical order. The simplicity of landscape reflects clear concepts and thinking. Concise geometric linear contrast, according to the established principles, shows strict logic and clear concepts, there are more expressions of artificial traces in the deep nature, and the conflict between natural and artificial makes a strong impression.
Essential elements: trim, design, match.

Mediterranean style large courtyard design

A successful Mediterranean courtyard garden is a combination of two factors. One is the natural style without modification; the other is the subtle feelings of colors and shapes. Although the overall style is irregular, every element in the courtyard garden is used after careful consideration and is characterized by leisure and comfort.
Essential elements: food, clay pots, dining table.

Italian courtyard large garden design

This design inherits the characteristics of ancient Roman gardens, and adopts a planned layout that does not highlight the axis. On a central axis drawn along the hillside, layers of terraces, fountains, statues, etc. are opened up. The plants are composed of boxwood or cypress trees. The patterned tree altar highlights evergreen trees and uses less flowers. The courtyard garden attaches great importance to the treatment of water. The terrain steps are used to build channels. The high places gather water to draw down, forming layers of falling water waterfalls. Using different heights and pressures, various fountains of the same shape are formed, which are towers. There are various forms of decorative sketches, including exquisitely carved stone railings, stone altar pots, inscriptions, and marble statues with classical mythology as the subject, thus forming an Italian terraced garden with its own style.
Essential elements: sculptures, fountains, steps and waterfalls.

Pastoral courtyard large garden design

The garden should be natural, relaxed, and not limited to form. It should give people a soft, plump, and dynamic feeling. If you can’t design well, you can arrange several themed areas in the garden and connect them with irregular lines to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere.
Essential elements: flowers, water features, vegetable garden, creative furniture.

Modern courtyard large garden design

It features simple lines, easy maintenance and easy-to-maintain modeling plants, combined with bold geometric shapes, smooth textures and simple vegetation to create a garden with dramatic structure and characteristics. It looks simple, abstract, charming, and dramatic.
Essential elements: the use of new materials, sculptures, colors.