How Long Does Your Wood Fence Last - How to Maintain

Written by Ivy

Jan 30 2023

How Long Does Your Wood Fence Last - How to Maintain

Finding the ideal fence to meet your security and aesthetic needs involves more than just picking the right materials, colors, and designs. Durability and longevity should be two of the most crucial factors in your search for the ideal fence.

Keep reading to learn more about vinyl fence lifespans, aluminum fence lifespans, and wooden fence lifespans.

  • Vinyl Fence lifespan: 50 years.
  • Aluminum Fence lifespan: 50+ years.
  • Pressure-treated Wooden Fence lifespan: 15-20 years

Vinyl Fence Lifespan

Many people know that vinyl is a sturdy material, but did you know that the vinyl fence lifespan is one of the longest on the market? Along with its timeless beauty and ease of maintenance, vinyl fences have a long lifespan, making them ideal for front yard, pool, and privacy fences.

The average vinyl fence lifespan for a privacy fence is about 50 years. Even better, Smucker Fencing's vinyl fence installations come with a limited lifetime warranty as standard. Of course, regular cleaning and considerate use will ensure that it looks great at all times.

How Long Does Your Wood Fence Last

Aluminum Fence Lifespan

Aside from its unrivaled durability, aluminum fences have a sleek appearance and are luxuriously maintenance-free. The lifespan of aluminum fences, which can easily last for 50+ years, is another aspect of this material that most property owners adore.

What makes the lifespan of an aluminum fence so impressive? It's all about that impermeable aluminum base! Aluminum resists stains, grime, and mildew better than wood, which is vulnerable to rot and mold. This ensures a very long lifespan while requiring you to do very little cleaning.

Pressure-Treated Wood Fence Lifespan

A fence inspired by the natural elements of the environment, a wooden fence is not only an American classic, but it's a budget-conscious homeowner's best option, too. If you don't mind a little regular scrubbing, opting for a lower cost wooden fence is a wise investment. How long, though, do pressure-treated wooden fences last?

A pressure-treated wooden fence typically lasts between 15 and 20 years, based on what we've observed in our last 12 years of operation. Around the 15-year mark is when most homeowners report seeing noticeable aesthetic declines, like rotting and splitting.

Cedar Fence Lifespan

Cedar stands out as a durable, natural, beautiful fencing material. It can last for decades, but the specific cedar fence lifespan is determined by a number of factors such as maintenance, weather elements, and usage.

On average, the cedar fence lifespan ranges from 15-20 years before it'll be time to replace it, similar to the pressure-treated wood fence lifespan.

How to Choose Low Maintenance Fencing

If you're still wondering, "How long does a fence last?", just know that a huge part of the answer relies on the type of care you give to it.

You may have noticed from reading our blog posts that alternatives to wood fencing such as vinyl and aluminum have much longer lifespans. Both vinyl and aluminum are high-end, low-maintenance products that look better and last longer. Vinyl and aluminum only require a yearly spring cleaning, even though some cleaning is required to maintain them.

In contrast, wooden fences require more frequent attention – no matter the species of wood your fence is made of or whether or not it is pressure-treated.
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How Long Does a PVC Fence Last

Vinyl fences, or PVC fences, are incredibly durable and can last 20-30 years or more if taken care of and installed correctly.

How Long Does a Stained Fence Last

Stain can last anywhere from 1 to 8 years, depending on how opaque the stain is. Transparent stain lasts a short time, while an opaque stain lasts longer. If it is applied correctly and the right kind of paint is used, paint can last up to ten years. Applying top-tier exterior paint is crucial.

How Long Do Cedar Fences Last

If left to weather, it will last approximately 12 years in the ground and 15-20 years above ground.