Attentions for large garden design

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Attentions for large garden design

You can plant some plants you like and can also be used for transformation, so how to design the large garden in front of the door? With the continuous development of the economy, people's living conditions have also been greatly improved. When buying a house, many affluent friends will choose the apartment type with a large garden in front of the house.  Here are some attention and ideas for large garden design.

large garden design

1. How to design the large garden?

First, fox on owner's requirements

There are also many types of garden designs in front of the door, whether it is Chinese style or European style, you'd better pay attention to the owner's requirements when choosing. At the same time, from a security perspective, we must also pay attention to the privacy of the garden. Villa garden design pictures are very important. It allows the owners to make better choices and also improves the efficiency of decoration. No matter from which point of view, the garden design must take into account the functional characteristics of the garden.

Second, the layout of the garden

The family structure determines the layout of the garden. If time is particularly tight and there is no time to take care of the garden, then simply plant some flowers and plants in the garden; gardens with young children should avoid dangerous factors such as deep water and rocks, you'd better set up lawns that can put toys, and plant some colors Showy one-year-old or two-year-old grass and flower bulbs. If there are elderly people in the home, take into account their outdoor leisure habits. If you like outdoor barbecue, you can design a barbecue platform. If you are more particular about it, you can ask a professional designer to design and make the garden. At present, private gardens can be divided into four major styles in terms of style: Asian Chinese style, Japanese style, European French style and British style.

Third, combined with hardscape design and architectural design

Plant design must be combined with hardscape design and architectural design to form a diversified space. The design of plants needs to pay attention to the color matching, season matching, matching level and details of the junctions of the plants. The plant layout should be dense and dense, and the space should be open and closed.

2. What should be noted in the design of the large garden?

First, the entrance garden should be on the left

First of all, stand at the door and look out. No matter what kind of entrance garden is best designed in the left hand direction, why do you say that, because there has been a saying in Feng Shui since ancient times that the left hand is the blue dragon position, this position It must be clean and natural, full of vigor and upward vitality, and the existence of the two-door garden can meet this. The second is that greening and water features must be made in the home garden. I want to remind everyone that it is best not to plant thorny plants, such as aloe, prickly pear, and cactus. Plants with thick leaves and wide edges are best, such as rich bamboo, Phnom Penh rich bamboo, dripping Guanyin, apple green and other easy-growing plants.

Second, the shape of the home garden strives to be square

Although the shape of the entrance garden is not as square as the entire apartment shape in the home environment, the entrance garden should not give people a green and secluded path, which is too narrow or irregular. From the perspective of feng shui, if the shape of the home garden is too narrow or irregular, it will inevitably affect the squareness and practicality of the entire home, thus bringing inconvenience to the family.

The above is the relevant knowledge on how to design large gardens for everyone, believing everyone now understands how to design. Plants are definitely indispensable for gardens, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of plants in the later period.