How to grow Water Snowflake

Written by Maggie

Oct 15 2021

How to grow Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake is a perennial aquatic herb. Water Snowflake is a rare floating ornamental plant with small, Snowflake shaped flowers and oval, heart-shaped leaves. It is commonly used in aquatic gardens and small ponds. Water Snowflake white florets, teeth down, small and delicate, blooming in the green leaves, the little flowers dotted, can sprinkle the whole water, the breeze blowing, the wind rippling, swaying posture, bringing a person calm. The scene has an endless sense of beauty.

Water Snowflake

How to grow Water Snowflake

1. Substrate for Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake is a kind of aquatic plant, which requires substrate mud and Water as the substrate. The bottom mud should be of moderate fertility and the water should be clean. In the early stages of planting, it is necessary to plant in shallow water. After the plants grow, gradually increase the water depth to 40-60cm. If it's a pot plant, control the water depth to about 10cm.

2. Sunshine for Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake is a kind of light - loving plant. When it is farmed, it must be given enough sunlight so that it can grow properly. If the breeding environment is too dark, it will suffer from insufficient light for a long time, which will cause it to flower less, or even unable to flower.

3. Water replenishment of Water Snowflake 

If the Water in the water snowflake farming environment is reduced due to evaporation or other reasons, it shall be replenished timely to avoid the drying of plants due to the lack of Water.

4. Weeding for Water Snowflake

If weeds grow in Water farmed with Water Snowflake, they need to be removed in time. Lest they rob the plant of its nutrients and cause them to grow poorly.

Water Snowflake

How to separate Water Snowflake

Splitting Water Snowflake is recommended around March of each year. Take the plants out of the water, then with a sharp knife, cut the plants vertically into clumps, making sure that each cluster has a certain amount of root integrity. Then plant them separately.