Water Snowflake care guide

Written by Maggie

Oct 15 2021

Water Snowflake care guide

Water Snowflake belongs to the nymphaeaceae family. It is a perennial floating-leaf aquatic herb.Leaf blade broadly ovoid or suborbicular with a "V" notch, subleathery, floating on water.

Elegant posture, suitable for ornamental, easy to cultivate, water snowflake propagation can be division methods. Water Snowflake will soon grow a lot of buds and leaflets, as the leaflets grow, the large leaves will slowly wither.

Language of flowers: happy, pure heart you and me.

Water Snowflake

How to care for Water Snowflake

If you want Water Snowflake (rosa banksiae snowflake) to live longer, it should at least have enough sunshine and mud in the basin, which is the basis for a leaf lotus to grow normally.

Potted water depth can be about 10 cm. With ordinary pond mud as substrate, should not be too fat, or branches and leaves flourish, but rare. If the leaves are yellow, a small amount of compound fertilizer or fertilizer can be buried in the basin. At ordinary times maintaining sufficient sunshine, the basin must not be short of water, otherwise it is very easy to dry.

Wash the Water Snowflake leaves

Rinse the leaves before taking them home to the bowl.

Water Snowflake temperature requirement

Water Snowflake (rosa banksiae snowflake) suitable growth temperature is 12°C-35°C. At this temperature, the water temperature is just right, not too cold or too hot. The high temperature does not cause much damage to the lotus, but only affects its growth and development. Temperatures below 5°C can result in frostbite on the roots of a lotus, and in severe cases, death. When the temperature is too low to do thermal insulation work in a timely manner, you can add a little warm water. In summer high temperatures, Water Snowflake can be placed in the scattered light, to prevent water evaporation.

Water Snowflake light requirements 

Water Snowflake requires plenty of light, 5-6 hours a day during the growth period, and good ventilation. Not enough light, unable to photosynthesize, the leaves turn yellow.

Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake watering request

Water every day and change the water every 3-5 days to keep the water clean. It is better to be rainwater or river water, tap water should be placed 1-3 days into the basin. Water demand will change. In summer moisture evaporates fast, giving the appropriate spray cooling. Pay more attention to the height and cleanliness of the water in the basin at ordinary times, do not wait for the root system to surface before watering. Water in winter should be careful not to differ too much from room temperature, so as not to Water Snowflake frostbite.

Generally, a single flower bud begins to unfold slowly after 9 o 'clock in the morning and completely fades at 5 o 'clock in the afternoon. Flowering time may also vary depending on the environment.

How to care for Water Snowflake blackening

Water Snowflake (rosa banksiae snowflake) black is mainly the effect of anthocyanin. Main reasons: the temperature difference during transportation is too large or the temperature difference in the maintenance environment is too large; It is easy to put in the window edge black; Too much curing density can also cause black edge.

How to care for Water Snowflake rotten leaves?

After the leaf decayed to deal with timely, find a clean pair of scissors, the decayed leaves all cut off. Clean with clean water, clean not clean will cause disease. Find the cause of rotten leaves, targeted solutions.

Low temperature and lack of light is easy to cause. How to care for Water Snowflake rotten leaves? It is best to give bright light environment maintenance. Change water too diligently, 3-5 days change water. Half soil culture can not change water for a long time. Water Snowflake has no roots at the beginning, it is better to raise roots in a small container and transplant them to a deeper container.

Water Snowflake

Note for growing Water Snowflake

1. Put into Water immediately after taking Water Snowflake (rosa banksiae snowflake) to avoid packing for too long!

2. Place the basin (cylinder) in a well-ventilated and sunny place for curing Water Snowflake. The water level gradually deepens as the plant grows. The depth of irrigation water in summer is 25 ~ 35cm, and the depth is often kept unchanged.